A-LINE IS MINT! Full Run Opening Weekend 2019 – Whistler Bike Park | Jordan Boostmaster

A-LINE IS MINT! Full Run Opening Weekend 2019 – Whistler Bike Park | Jordan Boostmaster

Oh look, another A-Line video! How
original. “send it” I wanted to upload this because it showcases A-line in possibly the best conditions it will ever be all year this was on Saturday of the opening
weekend and I also do some of my best riding on this trail as well. at this point the trail had dried out enough that it was in really great shape. My
friend Alex is riding behind me for this run and then for the last stretch he’s
going to go up ahead because he’s got something awesome to show off all right! It’s running so mint!
they had this part closed most of the day yesterday because it was raining and wet and now it’s open and it’s perfect whoa all right end of the first section,
made a new little jump here what do you guys think of this hip jump for those who
have ridden it? It is a pretty low speed jump you just don’t really have any
speed coming into it it’s kind of interesting I mean different from before
but what do you guys think? That jump is kind of goofy! alright second part, second part of A-Line oh yeah,
for those who don’t know, yesterday was the actual opening day, and it was a mudfest! yeah it was so sloppy this part was still open yesterday but Just sendin it! I’m really feeling good here at Whistler
like some of these corners I don’t know I’m riding like so good! feeling good! whoa, that was a nice boost! usually that ones a bit harder to clear Oh baby all right on let’s do it! Third and final stretch, Alex
is in front right on Let’s send it, see what Alex has got in store! well that was totally sick tons of fun
I’ve got another video coming this week riding with the Skills with Phil while
we were at Whistler an opening weekend so stay tuned for that you got the sui and everything! I want to give a big thanks to my boost master
producer patrons and all the other patrons as well you guys are a huge help
thank you guys so much thank you for watching leave a like and
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100 thoughts on “A-LINE IS MINT! Full Run Opening Weekend 2019 – Whistler Bike Park | Jordan Boostmaster

  1. I hope you guys enjoy this video! A-Line is always a great time 🙂 Also, if you like stickers make sure you check out what I have for sale on my website! https://www.jordanboostmaster.com/merch

  2. Wow!……..there is a really dedicated hater… Vid has been out for 20 minutes and 1 dislike…. Anyway, I love the vids! Keep it up!!

  3. 4:34 this rock garden would have looked so much better w the chin cam setup u were talking about. As it is now, the bike takes up too much of the shot imo.

  4. Dude I wish I could ride like u… how do you learn how to whip without destroying your rims? I am on my second set and don’t want to have to buy another😬

  5. Currently lookin for first bike. Do you ride 27.5 or 29? Im 6'6 and every demo i get given is a 29er due to my size? I live in nanaimo (vancouver island) for reference to my local trails

  6. Great video Jordan, I always love your A-Line videos I think you ride it the best of all the YouTubers I watch. Keep up the great work.

  7. My dream is to got to whistler, and do A line. At the moment it’s impossible because I’m 14 and in the UK but I hope that I get a chance in the future!

  8. I love the new hip, the only thing I would say is the last berm should be tighter and I like to pump the bridge, giving enough speed for a nice techy break. Its satisfying to say the least. GREAT VID, tou shredded top part of A line

  9. The hip is better then the jump that was there but I still think they could of done better. The hips fun though

  10. That was sick. I've only seen A-LINE in that condition once in my life. We go in July so usually it's bown to shit by then. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you guys will get some rain this July.

  11. God I can't wait to ride this trail next Whistmas, sick vid, haven't yet made the pilgrimage myself, so it's great to see this track from such a good POV. Mad sends

  12. Hey mate, love you videos. We were thinking of visiting Squamish/Whistler and coming from Australia. How late can you visit and still get dry weather as we are also rock climbers. I have heard first 3/4 of september can be still good.

  13. Dude, nice work but for future purposes it's much better for the viewer when there is someone in front of you. That way we have a couple of perspectives to enjoy.

  14. Who else really wants to ride at whistler but lives in a different country, it’s my dream to go to Canada one day and go to whistler.

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