82 English Conversations for Business and Trade

82 English Conversations for Business and Trade

business negotiations one sail agency dialogue one we're interested in locating an exclusive agent to sell our electrical appliances are you interested in representing us what benefit can we get if we act as your agent we'll offer our sale agent reasonable quantities of marketing and technical literature and other marketing materials free of charge anything else we also would provide training free of charge that sounds really attractive yes if you can confirm that you wish to proceed with a distributorship of our company we'll send you a letter of appointment and can also discuss the signing of a full distributor contract what will be the minimum annual sales you'd like us to complete at least 100,000 un well if prices are reasonable we're ready to become your agent as to the prices we will send you a list all right we'll make close study about it and give you a reply as soon as possible dialogue – will you consider our proposal to act as your sole agent could you give me some idea of your monthly quantity guarantee 1000 sets per month how do you think of that don't you think this monthly turnover is rather conservative for a sole agent no for this new product that's the reasonable figure we are experienced in marketing products similar to yours you have to consider other factors that affect sales maybe you are right did you just say that you represented other suppliers in this line yes if you appoint us as your sole agent the turnover will be greatly increased but as our agent you are not to handle the same or similar product of other origins of course that's the general practice but we expect our principals to offer advertising support and spare parts service of course that's the general practice as well we believe you are the right one to be our sole agent in your country as your sole agent will make greater efforts to push your products you to processing trade dialog one we're thinking of having products processed in China we are glad to hear that as it's known to all that assembly in our country can reduce costs sharply that's why we come here may I know what type of products you intend to process computers to be processed with our materials and designs what's the process to mount ten thousand sets how long will it be required to process this amount of goods it will take fifty to sixty days to process the goods from the day we receive the material how much is your processing charge 30 US dollars percent I think the processing fees shall be fixed on the basis of world labor price with a discount of 20% that depends on the labor needed and the quantity to be processed we can't give you that much considering your quantity isn't large enough alright we will supply you the material on time but you must guarantee you make delivery of the finished products to us on time we shall ship the assembled finished products to you at the port destination as instructed by you all the shipping expenses shall be borne by you should you fail to deliver in time all losses thus incurred shall be borne by you okay dialogue – what about the damage rate of parts and components in case the damage rate exceeds two percent you shall provide at its own expense for the excessive shortage of parts and components needed for assembling 2% is too low as we all know 3% is the international practice well we agree to that the supplied materials shall be delivered to our warehouse at your expense if any defect is found in the materials supplied by you we will advise you of it immediately and you will send over replacements in time I think we may accept it you shall process in strict accordance with the design and deliver the finished products in conformity with the contract terms respecting the time of delivery quality and quantity we agree you three compensation trade dialogue 1 we want to import some disk production equipment through compensation trade but compensation trade is a kind of loan you have to pay interest every year yes we know that but on the condition of the limited funds we have to consider this trade form compensation trade is good for both of us yes of course which would you prefer buy buy back or counter purchase buy buy back buy back is more convenient than counter purchase that means we should supply technical know-how and equipment and you pay us through successive deliveries of the resultant product that's right what do you think about it how many sets of the equipment do you want and how long can we expect you to pay off the loan we'd like to import two sets and plan to pay off the loan in two years what's your plan based on the production capacity of your disc production equipment and current price of discs this is the detailed information please look through it well I believe the feasibility of this project is excellent I will go back and to have a careful study that's great hope to hear something favorable from you soon dialogue – are you interested in compensation trade we are very interested in the deal I think the compensation Trade Agreement suits you better same here but we'd prefer the counter purchase to buy back that's acceptable but I'd like to know what products we will counter purchase there are two choices for you one is that you counter purchase our sheets and the other is that we can process or assemble products for you we would like to counter purchase your sheets as compensation I really appreciate that we guarantee the quality of the sheet how long do you suggest the time limit one year we shall reimburse you the total value of the entire equipment by installments in a year but the price of the sheet shall be fixed on the basis of the world market price good we agree you for consignment trade dialog one do you accept consignment Goods yes as an importer we can make a consignment arrangement how can I help you great we are looking for a consign II what can you supply canned food including canned fish canned fruit canned meat canned mushrooms canned vegetables and other canned food good how do we make a start then very easy at the beginning we will send you a small quantity to you for a trial you sell at prices given on the price list as soon as we find that this small quantity answers our expectation we will make you consignment of some considerable quantity your proposal is completely workable if it were successful this time we hoped to repeat it from time to time but what if we failed on sale or return basis okay we will try the best we can with the consignment dialogue to shall we talk about the period of time okay usually we signed the contracts with other consignees based on 12 months will you follow the suit yes we'll follow the suit what about from the beginning of next month that means the sales commenced on May 1st 2009 and continued through May 1st 2010 and we suggest that after starting the operation we two sides meet around December 1st to decide on acceptable sales for the remainder of the consignment period ok do you have any idea about the dispatch we will inform you as soon as we are short of stock in that case we will suffer great inconvenience for the shipment we'd prefer being noticed quarterly I believe it will certainly benefit both of us alright five invitation of tender and bid dialogue 1 we are going to make an international bidding for rare metal exploitation are you interested in our invitation to tender for the project yes we are very interested and we have the qualifications to accept the project glad to hear that when will you start the invitation of the tender we will start it two weeks later is it a secret opening bid or a public one a public opening bid what's the time set for the bidders to submit their bids one month from May 5th to June 5th where can I get the tender documents you have to come to our office for the tender documents ok I will send someone to get it at once dialog – would you please tell me your terms of tender the project has been listed to the state annual plan and we've got the working drawing and the project budget are they made by the design organization approved by the relative authorities of China of course they are made by a design organization approved by the competent Department under the State Council what about the land for construction it has been requisitioned already do you have the building permit yes the competent construction administrative Department issued the license I see thank you you six joint venture dialogue 1 what type of joint venture do you usually accept we usually accept an equity joint venture that means each of the two firms will invest a certain portion of the capital and share the profits or losses in proportion to our respective contributions yes oh are there any regulations on the foreign proportion of investment our joint venture law provides that the lowest foreign investment proportion shall be 25 percent but there isn't an upper limit doesn't the Chinese side always want to hold a bigger portion not always is that a joint venture can operate only after having obtained approval of your government that's correct is the income tax on joint venture heavy no you can enjoy preferential treatment dialogue – what would be the total amount of the investment the total amount of investment would be twenty million dollars how much would you be prepared to invest in this venture will lay out about fifty five percent of the total investment this includes seven million dollars in cash four million dollars for factory buildings the right to use the site etc then we'd like to contribute the rest forty five percent including five million dollars in cash four million dollars for production equipment and testing instruments the cash figure is large enough to provide the construction funds and circulation capital I think so how long will joint venture last I would suggest three years to start with how do you like it alright as long as we can run it well the period can be prolonged in the future seven cooperative venture dialogue 1 we are pleased to know you want to produce digital cameras in China we have to lower the cost as the financial crisis is so grave we can produce your product with lower cost and find quality I'm sure of that as nearly everything is made in China this also prompts this decision of my firm so shall we talk about the details we'd like this cooperative enterprise not very big for the total investment 5 million un is enough then how much would the registered capital be how about 2.5 million un sounds reasonable now what's the percentage of your contribution 50% of the total investment that includes cash machinery and equipment so we will provide the balance 50% which would include the factory premises and right to use the site deal dialogue – how will the value of contribution other than cash be determined as to the patents and trademarks they shall be assessed by a group of experts and confirmed by the Chinese side what kind of group of experts the group of experts must be from a qualified asset appraisal company good will the land the existing workshops and the new building be assessed by them as well yes the properties shall be assessed and then checked verified and recorded by the state-owned assets supervision and administration Department the assets appraisal is really a system project so it is you eight merger and acquisition dialogue 1 are you interested in holding merger talks considering the current financial condition of our company I'd say yes but I'm not sure whether it will be accepted by the majority of shareholders so far the major shareholders of our company have said they will consider the merger offer that's inspiring news if we could join together both our firms would benefit a lot and a win-win situation would occur I agree our merger can enhance our competitiveness so you'd better make a proposal for the merger and deliver it to every shareholder for review good idea I'll get down to it right now dialogue – what do you think about the merger offer between our two firms I'm afraid the merger offer is inadequate can you say something about that our accountant estimates the value of our form at 1 million u.s. dollars and of your firm at five hundred thousand US dollars through the merger it would be a huge boost for you but little benefit for us but both of us are now facing a fierce competition pressure in the global market so merger is the best choice otherwise we'll have to enter into competition with each other what do you want me to do a little deliberation would have deterred your idea well then I will give you my final decision in 10 days ix technology transfer dialog 1 we are considering buying the patent do you plan to transfer the patent right to Chinese companies yes we are thinking the same in what form will you transfer the patent we'd like to transfer the right to use the patent in the form of license will the license be exclusive or non-exclusive non-exclusive and I'd like to know how much tax the Chinese government imposes for using patent rights 20% but the license only gives one the right to manufacture the equipment what about the technology not included in the patent don't worry we'll provide you with all the information and also five technicians needed to manufacture the equipment ok how long will you allow us to use the patent three years how much will you ask for $50,000 as initial payment and 3 percent of the sales price on each product sold the price is so high I'm afraid that we cannot accept that dialogue – are you interested in transferring your trademark to us you mean the commercial franchising kind of but only for the trademark not include trade name and the business model I see you name your products after mine right does that mean we have to provide you with the full information about the technology of our products that won't be necessary as we have the capability to produce the product but you also need to send specialists to give us on-the-spot guidance we'll consider it you ten drafting a contract dialog one let's talk about drawing up a draft of the contract okay how long will it take you to draw up a contract I'll have the contract drawn up this week we expect to have a final contract ready in a week in that case I will try to send the draft to you on Wednesday and I think we should try to meet early next week to sign the contract and go over a few final details that would be fine I'll give you a call at the end of the week to set up an appointment all right by the way is it likely to sign the contract then I hope so dialogue – there are a few points which I'd like to bring up concerning the contract I'd like to hear payment terms is important in a contract we insist on confirmed and irrevocable letter of credit that's fully acceptable to our side and we shall make the contract more specific on the delivery okay I'll see that you get the delivery on time shipping by SS American as usual is that right good and please make sure the place of delivery the transport route are included take it easy this deal is as important to you as it is to us you you eleven checking a contract dialogue 1 here is the draft of the sales contract for the watch as you are going to buy you've made such an efficient work you flatter me please go over it and see if everything is in order ok but I need a few minutes to read it would you like to have a seat and drink some coffee thank you take it easy well I've read all the terms carefully hmm you've done a pretty good job it's well prepared does that mean we can prepare the originals of the contract yes our next step is to sign the contract dialog – good morning mr. Smith I'm calling about the draft of the contract you sent me I made a very close study of it do you have any questions yes first question is the packing as the verbal agreement says that you will use wooden cases but you still write cartons don't you remember that sorry will amend that next one is the term of payment you choose da but we also want to get the terms of the contracts more in our favor we prefer to have the payments made by LC through a negotiating Bank in Sweden I'm not qualified to make decisions for this term and anything else and the last one is the place of arbitration could you tell me why you wish to have it carried out in your country it should take place in a third country that's international practice we can't break it okay I've written down all your questions and I need to report to my boss you twelve before signing a contract dialog one here are the two originals of the contract we prepared are they written both in Chinese and English yes we'll sign two originals each in Chinese and English language are they equally authentic in terms of law of course the Chinese and English texts are equally authentic what if there is inconsistency or conflict between English and Chinese version if there is any inconsistency or conflict between English and Chinese versions the English version shall prevail dialogue – what will be the effective date of this contract the effective date will begin from July 6th 2009 what's the term of this contract this contract is valid for one year I'm afraid that one year is too short and this contract must be valid for at least three years if everything's going satisfactorily it could be extended for two years alright we accept your suggestion you 13 signing ceremony dialogue 1 what time will the contract be ready for signing it's ready now shall we sign it with pleasure I suggest we sign the original of the contract with the attachment I agree where should I sign sign on the dotted line well it's done let's counter sign it okay dialogue 2 now that it's all down on paper there shouldn't be any problem great I'm glad our negotiation has come to a successful conclusion thanks again it's been good working with you my pleasure I hope this will lead to further business between us I hope so I think both of us deserve a good rest after the long negotiation yes to celebrate the signing of our contract and our first cooperation our general manager wants to host a dinner would you like to join us yes I'd like to you you 14 terminating a contract dialogue 1 what should we do if either one of us desires to terminate the contract during the one year trial period the contract can be terminated with only one month prior to notice and after the one year trial period if you notify us 6 months beforehand you can cancel the contract will there be any claim damages for that of course either party shall be liable for its breach of contract and indemnify for all losses thus incurred to the other party ok dialogue 2 we'd like to contract out of the project if you don't mind but the contract still has one year to go can you give me the reason you've failed to honor the contract so we are entitled to cancel it that's the reason you mean the notice of shipment but I've told you that's a misunderstanding your explanation won't go down well with us we insist on cancelling it what about the subsequent work after the termination we'll have a representative to do all the subsequent work that's really a pity we cannot go on I feel the same you fifteen expiration of a contract dialogue 1 the expiration of the contract is coming would you like a renewal I'm afraid we don't want to renew it well in that case the contract will become void automatically when time comes yes I see nice working with you for the last three years same here we hope to do business with you in the future absolutely we will dialogue – we'll be discussing the renewal of our contract with hardware what are your conditions for renewal the same as before I'm afraid we cannot accept that we have done a market price survey for major raw material and got to know the price of the raw material has been half lower during the last year what do you suggest then we'd like you to make a reduction in half we feel it is necessary to discuss your proposals in more detail how far you're willing to go with these negotiations will depend on you imports and exports one asking for materials dialogue 1 hello is that mr. keys yes who it that nice to speak to you mr. keys this is wang jian from ABC trading company oh nice to hear from you mr. Wang well I called because I'm interested in a new product you have advertised in a trade journal and I want to say it seems like a promising item glad to hear that then what you know I have not seen any details about it yet so I think if oh I see I will send you some brochures just tell me your address that will be good thank you for your trouble my address is number 2 for 6 Newton Avenue I can send the related information to you this afternoon after I study them would I have an opportunity to discuss the possibility of selling it in our market fine let's do that and see how it goes shall we ok dialog – hello may I speak to mr. Frank yes it is Frank speaking hi mr. Frank this is Will Smith from Peak injectors I get your name on an article in the December issue of the British Medical Journal nice to speak to you what can I do for you we know that your company manufactures injectors of various sizes we would like to have some real information about your products you mean you like to see the samples exactly the samples are now available and will be sent free of charge would you please tell me the dress of your company that's great our address is 36 Sayer Street to me please got it you'll receive it in 3 or 5 days to formal inquiry dialogue one what price per set do you suggest of article number one to 7/8 with Lisbon as the destination port in what currency would you like us to give the price better in dollars would you please give us an approximate idea of the quantity you require the size of our order depends greatly on peace I think it's better for you to quote us your price first let me see it's $600 per CIF Lisbon isn't it possible to give us a discount if your order is a large one that's probable what do you mean by a large one I mean that we'll consider giving some discount only when the order exceeds a total amount of $10,000 or over how much is the maximum or minimum discount our maximum is 10 percent and the minimum is 3 percent okay I see I will try to buy in a bulk dialogue – here is my inquiry list I would like to have your lowest quotation thank you for your inquiry here are our CIF price lists are they the lowest prices of course they're only for old friends like you all the prices in the lists are the lowest prices but could you quote us f OB prices okay we'll have f OB prices worked out by this evening and let you have them tomorrow morning by the way can you quote in Australian dollars since the exchange rate for US dollars has been strong recently I can do that for you as well thank you very much three replying to the inquiry dialogue 1 are you ready to quote us yes I've just worked it out the price for this commodity is 500 dollars per piece CIF San Francisco is this your fo B quotation no this is our quotation sheet are the prices on the list firm offers all the quotations on the list are subject to our final confirmation that means you may grant me huh well it depends you'd better give the quantity you'd like to order dialog – are the prices your firm offers yes this is our firm offers I can assure you that the prices are highly competitive how long will you keep the offers open it's valid within 5 days could you extend your offers for 3 days longer I have to call home for further decision three days is a little longer what about two days as there is a rush orders at present we can hardly meet all the requirements fine let me see Wednesday that's September 3rd is that right yes looking forward to your reply for bargaining dialog one that's a high price we can hardly make a counteroffer you know in our product there are natural herb ingredients this adds to the cost but makes the quality much superior I agree with you there but 10% is too big a difference well we'll reduce the price by 3% I hope this sets the ball rolling I'm afraid we can't accept that I'd suggest another 2% I'm afraid that won't do hey 3% cut is really the best we can do my offer was based on a reasonable profit not on wild speculations that's why we prefer to order from your company so how about another 1 percent discount for an order exceeding 5 thousand bottles to help us develop a new market for your products can't you cut your price any more sorry we cannot alright I'll try to persuade my boss to accept the price dialog too I have studied your offer carefully and consulted our home office we find your price 10% higher than those offered by other suppliers better quality usually means a higher price there is acute competition on the world market and we need to do some sales promotion for this new type well then can you give us an idea that you consider workable we can't accept your offer unless the price is reduced by 10% I appreciate your counteroffer but find it too low to accept it's unwise for either of us to stick to our own price how about meeting each other halfway and in that way the business deal can be concluded you certainly have a way of talking me into it alright let's meet each other halfway then the gap will be closed and our business completed that means $95 per piece it seems reasonable we've kept the price close to the costs of production five ordering and accepting dialog 1 what is the minimum quantity of an order for your goods the minimum quantity for this product is 200 cartons do you have that on hand will you wait while I see if we have them in stock yes we will submit further orders if this one is completed to our satisfaction thank you very much for the order hope this is a good start for both of us dialogue 2 we intend to book a trial order with you glad to hear that we are in a position to accept a special order we'd like to place a very small order will that work for you usually the order we accept will be substantial but as a new customer like you we'd say it's alright I would appreciate that if possible we are going to order 10 SEC's good your order shall have our prompt and careful attention and one more question we have to discuss with you what is it as a trial order if we sell all the products in 3 months we will pay for them if not we will send them back to you well I agree with you but the repeat order can't have the same terms six mode of delivery dialog one the time of delivery is very important to us let's discuss the delivery date next please tell me your requirement first I'd like to know how long it usually takes you to make delivery delivery would be a month from receipt of your LC can you make the delivery before the beginning of November we hope to keep up with the Christmas rush okay I can assure you we will deliver it to you on time on condition that you should open the LC as soon as possible we will do it right away by the way may I inspect them before shipment sure will inform me before the shipment dialog – what's your earliest delivery they may be delivered in a month I'll tell you the date as soon as they are ready could you possibly affect shipment more promptly I'm sorry to say that we can't advance the time of delivery getting the goods ready making out the documents and booking the shipping space all these take time you know you cannot expect us to make delivery in less than a month I see so will you confirm that you can execute our order before the end of April of course seven mode of payment dialogue one in what currency will payment be made we would prefer you to pay for your imports in USD what's your regular practice concerning terms of payment we usually accept payments by irrevocable LC payable against shipping documents could you make an exception and accept DP for this transaction occasionally we accept for trial order but yours is a normal case isn't it as you know it doesn't pay to open an LC with a bank for such a small amount I see only for this time I hope after the first supply you will place regular orders you bet dialogue – is it possible to find alternative terms for our future business well it is only under very special circumstances that we agree to other payment terms it would help me greatly if you would agree to da but we will take more risks I'd like to think it over please all right in view of our long friendly relations we agree to your requirement this time once and for all thanks a lot eight opening and Elsie dialogue 1 hello anything I can do for you hello mr. white this is Wang bin I'm now calling to tell you that we have not yet received the covering LC to date I know the date of delivery is approaching you must feel worried about that yes we are so worried as we've come to an agreement that you should open an LC 15 to 20 days before delivery yes I see our letter of credit is bound to be opened before March 1st that would be great please call me as soon as you do that oh I almost forgot that is the wording of confirmed necessary for the letter of credit I think so I'm always waiting for your call bye dialogue – hello is that mr. Connor this is Sarah yeah what's the matter you sound like very anxious sorry we are unable to guarantee shipment by the agreed date due to a strike at our factory oh what a pity what shall we do then will you please explain our situation to your customers and secure their consent to extend the LC to September 30th it's a hot potato but I will try if possible we will instruct the Beijing City Commercial Bank to extend the LC up to September 30th I really appreciate that nine packaging details dialog one I would like to hear your requirements about the product packaging issues well the wrapping certainly should be attractive and good quality too so please pay attention to the design of the inner packing all the packages must be ready for window display we have thought of that you can rest assured that for this time we plan to use a polythene wrapper for inner packaging good waterproof material is usually used for inner packing and in order to accommodate to the American consumers taste we plan to print color embroidery patterns on the exclusively designed wrapping bag our packing will be on par with that of other competitors if not better great idea a wrapping that catches the eye will certainly help push the sails same here but don't forget that the barcodes should be marked on the inner packing no we won't dialogue – do you have anything to say about the outer packaging we intend to use cartons for outer packing are they standard export cartons yes it's cardboard cartons with stenciled shipping marks but these goods will have to go a long way before they arrive at our ports what if dampness gets into the packages all the cartons are lined with plastic sheets so they're absolutely waterproof I can assure you then how many for one box – dozens I'm afraid it's over wait for that kind of box will reinforce the box with metal straps why not use the wooden case wooden case is too heavy to handle anyway the outer packing should be suitable for long distance ocean transportation please make sure that the packing is strong enough to stand rough handling certainly please set your mind at rest do you have more questions about packing no I will leave it to you ten making shipment dialogue 1 would you tell me how you intend to ship the goods to make it easier for us to get the goods ready we're willing to ship them in two Lots when will it be for each lot the first lot is in September and the second one a month later if so can you assure me of shipping on time of course we assure you that shipment will be made before September 30 as soon as shipping space is booked we shall advise you of the name of the ship good I'm waiting for your good news dialog to how would you like us to ship the goods as the goods are seasonal goods you'd better ship them in one lot but it will cause a lot of problems in our shipment and it is very difficult to book so much shipping space at one time I understand your position but you should try your best to make everything go smoothly we will contact the shipping company to meet your need I will phone you in the afternoon to tell you the results good eleven about insurance dialogue one do you mind telling me what kind of insurance we've got for this order of goods we generally cover insurance WPA and war risks in the absence of instruction from our clients WPA and war risks are too narrow for a shipment of this nature what other insurances would you like to add we want to add the risk of breakage if broader coverage is required the extra premium is for the buyers account yes we know that what's the extra premium this kind of additional risk is coverable at a premium of 2% okay please cover the insurance for us dialogue – we hope to have the goods insured at your end okay for orders on CIF basis we usually effect insurance against all risks for 110 percent of the invoice value with the people's insurance company of China will you arrange to plus ten percent sorry as for the percentage above the invoice value our usual price is to accept 110 percent for the sake of long and friendly business relations with you we hope our request will meet with your approval if we comply with your request for covering 120 percent of the invoice value the extra premium arising therefore will be borne by you it does not matter what we want to have is peace of mind 13 trade complaints one dialogue one what's wrong with the goods some component parts were found covered with rust on opening the package by inspectors at the destination how many of them are rusty nearly 10% of all are there any possibilities that the long distance transportation caused the rusty the experts have reasons to believe the rust had been there before the finishing process but we also hold the inspection certificate from our commodities inspection bureau which states the consignment was up to the standard for export the only possibility is your inspection bureau may select a few packages at random I'm afraid we only can give our opinion after we have them rechecked dialogue – we found a short weight in your last consignment this kind of incident has never occurred before how much is the short weight – tonnes short weight on the arrival have you got any proof here is the copy of the inspection certificate let me see it seems like we had a mistake on the shipment we are extremely sorry for that well it happens what we need is quick shipment for the two tonnes we will send them in this week and we will inform you of the details of the shipment as soon as possible 14 trade complaints to dialogue one sales department Zhang Jun speaking what can I do for you good afternoon mr. Zhang this is Michael I'm calling to ask you about the shipment the goods are now two weeks overdue oh sorry we are doing everything possible in our power to guarantee the delivery within two days your delay in delivery has caused problem on both our customer and us we should appreciate if you could make the arrangement for the shipment by June first take it easy we promise you I'm afraid if you are unavailable to deliver within this period we shall be compelled to cancel our order that won't happen you are surely bound to receive it within two weeks dialogue – hello is that mr. Wang this is Peter yes speaking Oh mr. Wang I have to make a complaint to you for the delay what's the matter haven't you received the goods oh yes we have received but five weeks went by before the goods arrived instead of three weeks and we lost a wonderful opportunity of sales how can that be it is true on inquiry we found that the goods were not shipped until two weeks after the date of dispatch oh sorry for the inconvenience the delay has caused you but this delay must due to the shipping company as we have sent the goods to them on time anyway we have to ask you to make us allowance corresponding to our loss please give us some time we must inquire into the matter all right but reply to me as soon as possible please fifteen claim and settlements dialogue 1 hello Robert nice seeing you hi good to see – I'm sure you will come today I'm here to settle the claim for last shipment I see we made investigation and found that the goods had not been packed as stipulated in the contract that caused the breakage in transit I do apologize for that so what will you deal with this matter the repacking did take a long time and cost a lot and we'd like to know how much the repacking cost you the expenses amounted to five thousand dollars we expect compensation for this amount certainly we will compensate you for any expenses you may have incurred hope this unfortunate error will not affect our future relations I hope so be careful next time dialogue – I think the problem can be solved by friendly consultation without referring to arbitration quite right then how much would you like to compensate for the losses we are going to compensate a part of the losses can you name the reasons as we have stated in the contract should any loss or damage occur party a shall lodge claims against the insurer and pay a part of the indemnification received from the insurer to party B which shall be in proportion to the payment party a has not made for the part of machinery involved in the loss or damage that sounds ok one of my people will go to your company tomorrow to talk about what replacements are needed and the money for your future losses we apologize for the trouble caused to you and will take steps to avoid such a mistake again in the future I hope so I hope you'll seriously consider our claim trade show one extending invitations dialogue 1 hello is this the Pacific mechanical company yes may I know who's calling it's Lily from the organizing committee of the annual international high-tech industry exposition 2009 glad to hear from you can I be of any help to you I'm calling to invite you to visit our annual international high-tech industry exposition this is an excellent opportunity to show your company to the world who else may I know will you invite we are going to invite a crop of scitech specialists with high academic achievements and lots of international exhibitors oh I see will you invite Madison industries yes do you need me to send you the expo information ok our email address is P MC at 1 6 3 dot-com got it please take a peek at your mailbox in 5 minutes dialog – your computers have a high level of quality now and your prices are good so why not I think it will really be worthwhile what you said is right we must demonstrate it so you accept the invitation is that right yes we will attend the expo you seem excited about it well you know computer originates from America so maybe the thought of going back there to promote our brand is kind of exciting to me wish you a good result thank you for inviting us to applying to the fair dialogue 1 may I know the purpose of holding such an exhibition the purpose of this exhibition is promote the development of industrial sectors strengthen industrial communication and cooperation and prosper industrial economy nice theme when and where will the exhibition be held it's in Beijing on August the 5th and 6th when is the deadline for registration the deadline is Friday however we can make exceptions for overseas companies what about the accommodation will help you reserve the hotels and arrange cars to pick you up at the airport do we need to pay the deposit yes you need to prepay for the rent 50% dialogue – we have an idea of joining the exposition you are welcome to participate in the exposition what shall we do with the registration form and registration fee you need to fill out the application form and agreement with official stamp and submit it to the organising committee the address is room 1 2 1 2 wait on building Yonghwa Road 1:05 Chao yo district Beijing can I transfer money by bank of course our account number of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is six to two two zero two three six zero two zero one eight three zero three eight three four is it necessary for us to provide you other documents please provide samples and photographic materials in English and Chinese three decorating the booth dialogue one today we need to make the display of the exhibition let's make a unique display yes a unique display so where shall we start the work well I think we should start from measuring the floor for a new carpet and the walls for new wallpaper the color of the floor and the wall must match our products how do you like green good idea I was thinking the same thing myself what about the tables they are all the same color in the hall we can spread the tables with some colorful clothes just like the flowers in the forests I'm sure it will look decorative dialog – what can we do with the door just put some posts on it all right with you you do what you like it makes no odds to me okay do it then after that you need to put the logo of our company on the wall ok but just tell where you'd like I've no idea ask Helen for some advice but remember we should put the logo at the very obvious place I will oh I almost forget the posts also should be pasted up on the walls in the surrounding hallways don't worry I will make them on for registration dialogue 1 welcome to the exhibition as the registration begun yes would you like to check in yeah can you tell me the registration process you should show your ID card the invitation letter and the receipt to the exhibition registry they will give you a guest card then you need to get the meal vouchers okay could you tell me how to get there you can go to the room 2 1 1 and there will be someone to help you to finish the registration thank you dialog – hello I'd like to sign the register good morning would you show me your documents here they are well excuse me for a moment all seemed right here is your ticket to the hall your booth is in number 3 Hall is it far from here it's so spacious here here is the floor plan of the exhibition hall oh good I think it must be a good helper if you need any help please let me know five applying for other services dialogue 1 good morning sir can I help you I wonder if you can arrange an interpreter for us you know we cannot speak Chinese very well yes we can there are many English major students who can translate for you that is great how much do they charge each day it is $15 an hour for a minimum of four hours I see well I need a three day service that will be twelve hours altogether would you like a girl or a boy a girl please I think girls will be more considerate okay I will arrange one for you at once dialogue – good afternoon mr. Houston good afternoon I'd like to arrange a meeting for some business do you have a conference room we could use certainly sir we have a conference room for ten people at $150 an hour or a larger room for 20 people for $250 an hour I'd prefer the smaller room can I book it for tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. yes that would be fine could you tell me where it is let me take you there thanks a lot you were so kind six welcoming the clients dialogue 1 welcome to the China export commodities fair how do I address you nice to meet you I'm Tom Bailey the business representative of ABC company nice to meet you too mr. Bailey is this your first visit to the fair yes this is my first visit I've heard that it is famous all around the world yes you have come to the right place what would you like to see I'd like to see the handmade rug here we've got a series of latest ones do you feel interested ok show me please see those on the wall behind me those are the new ones oh they look nice would you like to have a further negotiation with our manager oh I'm afraid not at the moment I'd better go have a look at the others I'll come to you if necessary here is a catalog and brochure take a look dialogue – hi mr. Morris nice seeing you again oh hello Ralph haven't run into you for a long time it really is you've changed so much how was your business it's just all right what about yours it is looking up so I came here how is the market going for last consignment very well I'm going to place an order again glad to hear that I wish a brisk business for you all and a continued development in our business dealings the same to you oh I have to go and have a brief look excuse me for a moment take it easy see you soon seven establishing contacts dialogue 1 good afternoon sir may I know what company you are from I'm Matt Brown from the import manager of Atlantic Industries Ltd Sydney Australia good afternoon mr. brown my name is Juliet Anderson manager of the sales department nice to see you miss Anderson do you find anything interesting I'm just arriving here I haven't seen as much as I could would you mind leaving your business card here no I'd be glad to here is my card thank you and here is mine please call me anytime if anything I can do for you dialog – oh by the way I would like you to know my friend Ming Ming this is my buddy Tim nice to meet you I'm Wang Ming me too I'm Tim Alexander just call me Tim well Tim's company is doing business with importing toys maybe you can seize the opening of course thank you so much John and I think we should have a further talk sometime later do you think so Tim good idea it suits me then let's make it tomorrow morning say 10:00 okay I will come to the booth to meet you eight introducing the business dialogue 1 what kinds of treat are you generally in we are engaged in export what countries do you trade with we mainly trade with Japanese and South Korean firms what's your business scope our business scope includes clothes stationaries toys household electric appliances and medical devices dialogue 2 what kinds of products do you mainly handle we mostly handle office furniture could you say something about the product category it includes sofa filing cabinet executive desk computer table and office chair what about the quality and price we supply first-class furniture the material is superior and with all the latest styles the prices are competitive against the similar products can you give me some idea about what you're looking for oh I'm just looking around 9 showing samples dialogue 1 could you please let me have it look okay here is the model good it's indeed of attractive due to the limited space we cannot demonstrate all the models these are some samples of the products well these are enough really did you find anything interesting oh yes we are especially interested in these three models we are glad to hear that dialogue – I would like to see the samples first okay here it is these are our new models oh it looks really attractive what are their strong points there's a lot to be said for them firstly they are more durable than any similar ones in the market why does it take longer to wear out than others the yarn is carefully selected for quality and woven very tightly in this fabric oh I see may we hear your comments on our products we find the quality of your samples well up to standard and suitable for our requirements ten presenting related materials dialogue 1 what items are you particularly interested in women's dresses we are looking for something fashionable and suitable for Australian women oh we just got some new dresses would you like a brochure yes please that will be good this is the brochure of our latest products here you are oh thank you I surely will have a close study of it our phone numbers and email address are on the booklet I gave you will be glad to hear from you ok I hope so dialogue – well here we offer you with a catalogue of the newest products for reference oh thank you and here is the price list please take a look at it oh thank you so much would you like something else Oh better not I'm full with my hands oh I will fetch you a bag we have some bags free of charge thank you for trouble 11 moving out dialogue 1 the show is coming to the end we better start moving out at 2:00 in the afternoon it's finally over I have yearned for home so we've got lots of things to do now could you go to the hotel and check out with pleasure but what should we do with the display items we can sell some of the display items for the others we can find a transportation company to ship them back to our country I'll follow your advice the organizers of the exhibition have already appointed a few transportation companies here are their telephone numbers ok I will call them in a moment dialogue – hi miss Wong hi mr. Kennedy nice seeing you anything I can do for you no I've just come to say thank you for your help during the show it's my pleasure I appreciated your work methods if there is anything else I can do for you please don't hesitate to let me know deal I'm looking forward to cooperate with you next time me too by the way is everything ready for going home yes everything is ready we'll move out in the afternoon then have a nice trip twelve contacting after the show dialogue 1 is this mr. Jones yes that's right who's calling I'm just calling to introduce myself my name is Tong the buyer on PC program of high-tech company I'm glad to hear from you mr. Tong we've met at the exhibition right yes we're very interested in the product you exhibited at the international exhibition I would be happy to learn more about export business terms the price varies somewhat according to the size of your order would you tell us the quantity you want so that we can work out an offer well I will send you a list of my requirements for which I'd like to have your lowest quotations CIF Vancouver dialog – hello is there Susan speaking yes who is that genuine Oh nice to hear from you well Susan I'm calling to know if you have any interest in our samples yes we are very interested in the Cotton Chun Psalms especially the ones with the traditional Chinese patterns and characters glad to hear that so is it possible for us to do business we are just thinking about this great hope we can get your order soon you

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