8 Helpful Cruise Services That Could Change The Way You Cruise Forever

8 Helpful Cruise Services That Could Change The Way You Cruise Forever

You’re about to discover eight services that could change the
way you cruise, forever. Hi, I’m Gary Bembridge. This is another of my Tips for Travellers. I want to share with you
eight amazing services that I think could help you think about and cruise very differently. Starting with this one. Finding a cruise mate. If you’re a solo traveller, you are often hit with a big
surcharge for double occupancy. So finding someone to cruise
with you is the way to go. However, you might not have friends or family that want to go cruising. So there are a whole bunch of
really interesting services that help you find a cabin mate. There’s probably three big buckets of ways that you can do that. First of all, there are
very specific cruise agents that will actually
package singles holidays and offer a matching
service as part of the deal. And if they can’t find a suitable match you will still pay the lower price. So a good example of
that is Vacations To Go. They put together solo cruises throughout the year in
all different regions, and they do that matching service. So that’s a good one to look at if you want someone else
to do the job for you. There’s also a whole bunch of cruise sites that you can go to where
they offer matching services. So, a couple of ones
that I have come across that I know really work for people is there’s cruisemates.com,
there’s cruisetrends.com, silversurfers.com, Cruise Mate Finder. So a whole bunch of sites
that are cruise related and there’s lots of forums there, where you can find a cabin mate. Another one that’s really popular and a lots of people have found, have worked for them is
using the site meetup.com. On there if you search for
solo cruises or single cruises, you’ll find lots of groups which are often location or cruise
specific, where people are looking to meet other
people to go cruising with. The next really interesting service is around luggage transfer services. It can be a real big hassle
taking your bags on flights, getting them, transferring to the buses, getting to the ship, carrying on the ship and all that hassle of bags, you know, wherever it is around the world that you’re joining your cruise. There are a whole bunch of luggage transfer
opportunities that you have. Now, many of the cruise lines partner with different companies to do that, but you can also go to
the companies direct. The main company that cruise lines partner with is called luggageforward.com. So Princess Seabourn
Regent Services, Cunard, Holland America, Oceania,
Uniworld, Viking and Windstar, at the time of recording,
all use luggageforward.com. Crystal Cruises uses a different company which is called luggageconcierge.com. But if you want to do it yourself there are many other sites online. So for example, there is another site which is also very popular, which is called
luggagemule.co.uk, out of the UK. It can be a relatively
expensive thing to do because they charge between
five to $8, a pound, roughly. So it could cost you $200 or $300 to send your bag to the
ship and vice versa, but it could take a lot of hassle out. If you want a less
expensive way of doing it, also understand what other
options your cruise line offers. For example with Royal Caribbean
you have an opportunity where you can actually check
your bags in on the ship and they take it to the airport. Or you have Disney, for example,
where if you are staying at one of their resort hotels in Orlando, they will then transfer that
bag right through to the ship. The third service that could transform your cruising experience, a lot of people might already know about, and that’s Independent Shore Excursions. But there’re a couple of services which are really great
because they integrate really seamlessly with
the cruise experience. On these sites you basically
go, you input your cruise and then for every single port it will give you the
excursions which they offer. You normally find there are smaller groups and they are a cheaper price. Some of the ones to look
at are shoretrips.com, CruisingExcursions.com, and
shoreexcursionsgroup.com. They also will include guarantees that we’ll get you back
to the ship on time and if they don’t it will be their cost and hassle to get you
to get back to the ship. But these are companies that have been around for a long time and really integrate seamlessly with the cruising experience. And that’s something that
people are using more and more, because excursions can be a big cost and the advantage of
some of these services is you can do some different excursions often with smaller groups
and at a lower cost. But always check the terms and conditions and make sure things like getting you back to the ship on time is covered. Another service that I came across that is fantastic because it makes cruising possible for people that have accessibility or other issues, and this is companies that you can hire accessibility equipment, whether it’s as simple as wheelchairs or mobility scooters,
right through to equipment that help make your cabin
accessible friendly, specific things for your
bed or bath or whatever. And these are great
because it means people that perhaps couldn’t
cruise before can now make sure that the cruising
experience is set up for them. And these are companies they partner with different cruise lines, and they set it up on the ship themselves, because they have
arrangement with the ships. If you ever looking at anything like that, the companies that I know, and have heard people use
and are very happy with include companies like
specialneedsatsea.com, mobilityatsea.com and another company called scootaround.com. So these are great companies
with great services. So, even if perhaps one
day you’ve injured yourself and you’re going on a cruise, and you just need a wheelchair because you’ve broken a leg or something, take a look, because it’s
going to revolutionise the way that you cruise, great services. Linked to that is another great service which is perhaps a little
bit more specialised, and these are people
who will provide carers with medical backgrounds,
so they’re normally nurses, who will come on a cruise with you if you do have any medical needs and it avoids you, then having
to use the medical centre, but also a lot of cruise
lines won’t let you on unless you have someone who cares for you, so they can make sure
that they will escort you on excursions, they’ll sort out your cabin if there’s any any special needs and deal with any medical
issues you’ve got. One of the companies that does that is a company that’s called
medicaltravelcompanions.com. And these are really helpful whether you have a medical issue, a mental issue or anything like that. And they will come on a cruise with you and they will look after
you and all of your needs. So that’s a great service, again, because it means
that people who perhaps couldn’t go cruising
before can now go cruising. One of the services that
isn’t going to cost you any money is if you’re travelling by yourself whether you’re lady or gentleman and you love to dance,
a lot of cruise lines have gentlemen or lady dance hosts. These tend to be on cruise lines which will have live dance,
music and it means that you also have someone to dance with without having the embarrassment of trying to find someone to dance with. Now, you have to be
really careful if you are interested in that particular
service, who provides it. So you’ll find lines like Cunard have it. I’ve been on Saga Cruises who also have it. So, take a
look at the cruise lines, you’ll tend to find that it tends to be cruise lines have a slightly more traditional cruising experience. So take a look and find out
if they do have dance hosts, that’s a service that
will certainly make you, in the evenings, have a great time and not restrict you in what you can do, versus people who’re travelling
with friends or family. Another service which is really great, particularly if you’re going on a cruise for a special occasion, is many cruise lines
have massive online shops, which you can order online before you go. So, you can order things
like room decorations, or treats in the room,
whether it’s champagne, chocolate strawberries, flowers, special gifts, merchandise,
all sorts of crazy things that you can do, things that
you wouldn’t even expect. Now, some of them, also, you can then buy and
have delivered at home. But the great thing is, if
you’re going on a cruise with a friend or family or partner, and you’ve got some event coming up, an anniversary, a birthday,
something like that, you can order some crazy
things for your cabin. So, when you arrive your cabin can be decorated, there’ll
be lots of treats there. So, some of the ones to look at, for example, some of the biggest lines that have them are the Carnival Fun Shop, which is at carnival.com/funshops, Royal Caribbean have
royalcaribbean.com/royalgifts. A Norwegian site is norwegiangiftshop.com. When it comes to shopping and buying things online for cruising, there’s another service which
may not be applicable to you, unless you’re a crew, but
there is sites out there, and companies out there that will help relieve the pressure of crew when they have limited time on board to have to go and do chores. So, for example there’s a
site called forcrewonly.com, and they’ll do all the shopping in certain ports for crew,
they bring it to the ship, and so the crew just has
to come off and fetch it from the delivery people there. They’ll do things like that, they’ll even, you can have Amazon orders
processed through there. They have an online site where
there’s a myriad of things, from toiletries, to gifts,
all sorts of things, that crew can then order. It means that when they do have that limited amount of time, they can actually go and relax, and enjoy themselves or
have a nap, or whatever, and let someone else do the shopping. There’s loads of
different services growing and popping up all around the place, as cruising becomes more and more popular. Those are eight of them
that I’ve come across that I think will change
the way that people cruise, and the things they do on
cruising, a really big way. If you have any others,
I’d love to hear from you, but I do have many more videos, packed full of cruising
tips, advice and ideas. So, why don’t you watch
another one of those right now?

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