7 must know Caribbean Cruise Tips

7 must know Caribbean Cruise Tips

Ahoy there cruises. These are our 7 top tips
if you’re planning on doing a Caribbean cruise. But before we start. Please make sure you subscribe to our channel
so you don’t miss out. Tip number 1 is
the best time to sail. This will usually be
outside of hurricane season. So from about October to early June. During this time you can expect
calmer seas, less canceled ports
because of bad weather, also a less canceled itineraries. So your cruise won’t be
cancelled altogether. You’re going to get smoother seas and you’re going to get
less thunderstorms and weather is going to be
a little bit more predictable. Much more sunny usually
historically during this period. With clearer skies, less humidity
and less awful heat. Tip number 2 is about
excursions in the Caribbean. Excursions when you book
on your cruise line can be super expensive. So where possible we recommend
you do it DIY. So use local vendors
who offer tours. Make sure that the are reputable companies
with some good reviews and a good price. Or use taxis cabs. These can often be much cheaper
than booking the onboard excursions. Between the different ports in the Caribbean there is a few islands
where we would only do a ship booked excursion. Just for safety reasons
because we don’t feel comfortable. For example Jamaica. We’d personally only ever do
a ship sponsored excursion. Dominican Republic, Honduras
and some parts of the Bahamas. I wouldn’t go out by myself. I would always do it on a cruise excursion. Then there’s other islands such as
St. Maarten and Grand Cayman which I feel completely comfortable getting off,
walking around getting local buses or a taxi. You’ll find taxis in the Caribbean
can be a bit more competitive. So make sure that you get a price up front
and don’t be afraid to barter with them. Make sure you agree on a price
before you get into that taxi. As with all excursions. Just ensure it you have plenty of time
to get back to the ship. You don’t want to miss it. Tip number 3 is currency. Money, Money, Money! This one is super easy because the
majority if not all Caribbean islands accept US dollars. So don’t go getting all of those different currencies because you’re just going to get really confused. Make sure you pack lots of
dollar bills as well for tipping. We actually found a lot of the local vendors
preferred US dollars to the local currency. So that just makes it nice, simple and easy. To stick to the US dollar. But some islands such as
the European islands accept the Euro. Some places like St. Maarten, Aruba,
Martinique places like that. Will also accept the Europe-
Europe? Will also accept the Euro. Make sure that you’re not getting
ripped off with exchange rate. So just be well aware of that
when you’re pricing things up. Just double-check that they’re not overcharging you
in US dollars or the Euro. Tip number 4 are some ports
that we would usually try to avoid. These include places like
Nassau in the Bahamas and Freeport. Just because there really isn’t that much to do there and they’re so oversaturated with cruise lines. We found that you get bothered
a lot by people on the street trying to sell you things. So it wouldn’t be somewhere
that we would normally like to go. We’d usually stay on the ship. It’s a good ship day actually Nassau. You find a lot of people use that as a day
to enjoy the ship while it’s a lot quieter. Punta Cana in the
Dominican Republic as well. Just because there really isn’t
that much around there. The port area is quite boring and
you can’t really just go walking off by yourself. Because it’s another one of those
a little bit shady islands in some parts. Shady Lady. Also Roatan in Honduras
has a high crime and murder rate. That’s a great stamp on
their tourism banner isn’t it! Whilst we know around the port area you are a lot safer and this does tend to be mostly in
the big cities in Honduras. We still throw caution to the
wind. Also Falmouth Jamaica
we have already mentioned. We don’t particularly that port as well. There’s not really much around the port. We found ourselves being really harassed
by really pushy sellers. So it put us off a little bit. I would do a shore excursion there. As with anything we would check with your
local travel advice office. So it’s “Foreign Travel Advice” for the UK. Just to check where safety warnings are
and which ports are safer than others. Just to make a decision when it comes to doing a DIY excursion versus Cruise Line excursion. Do not put yourself in danger and if you do not feel comfortable don’t do a DIY excursion. Just double check that everything is
safe and okay. Less of the negative,
let’s go to the positive. Number 5 is the ports that we like to visit. We love Sint Maarten. We find it to be a really interesting Island. It’s split into two. With a French slide at the north
and the Netherland side in the South. It’s a really fun place with really good shopping. Really good drinking
and some beautiful beaches. It’s nicknamed “The Friendly Island”
for a reason. Very friendly, very welcoming
and we always feel very safe there. W e also love San Juan in Puerto Rico. Just because it’s so different. There’s lots of history and culture and beautiful architecture here. We find it to be a really colorful port with lots of shopping and things to do. Also it’s a really easy pot to get around. Everything’s walkable from where the ships dock
and you can just walk into the town. You’ve got tons of history right there. Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas
is another favorite of ours. That’s in the US Virgin Islands. It’s a really lovely island
with really friendly people. Loads to do and some beautiful beaches. Again depending on which dock you dock at. If you dock in the town it is a stone’s throw away
from one of the biggest attractions. Which is the mountain. Where you can get one of them tasty buk buk buk buk buk buk buk Buck wild? Buck weed? That really alcoholic drink. Yeah i have forgot what its called. Buck- Buck- Buckshaw? Buck a duck? Buck a duck! Oh! “Bushwacker” I was thinking something to do with
bushes and ducks. Buck a duck! You feel very ducked after you have drunk one of them. Another favorite of ours is
Castries in St. Lucia. Just because it’s such a
spectacular island. Again with beautiful beaches, shopping
and those amazing Pitons. Finally the private resorts such as
Labadee and “Coco Cay” are a favorite of ours. Just because you feel completely safe, the have beautiful beaches and lots to do. They’re just a fantastic beach day. Tip number 6 and this is super important
so it doesn’t ruin your holiday. Make sure you bring plenty of sun protection. You do not want to get your vacation ruined by not being prepared and burning your skin, getting dehydrated or having sunstroke. This is the worst thing that can happen so make sure you bring lots of Sun lotion. With a high factor of both UVA and UVB to protect your skin and make sure that you
apply generously and very often. Especially if you’re in and out of those pools. We recommend wearing a hat, drinking plenty
and some light cotton coverings for your body. Whilst you’re in the sun for long periods of time. You might have seen
we particularly like to wear swim tops. Just because it gives us that extra layer of protection while we’re in the Sun all day. You’re in and up the pool and while
you’re sun lotion may be waterproof You have to keep putting it on. There’s nothing worse when you’re back or your chest being burned. So un-comfortable. So you save tons on sun lotion as well. We like to wear swim tops
for that reason. Before you leave for your cruise we highly recommend that you research each of the port’s that you’re going to be visiting. So you know exactly what you’re going to
be doing in each port. Also we like to look at things such as where the ATMs are, if there is any around, just in case. It’s also it’s nice to get to the port, know what you’re doing, know the cost of how much a taxi would be or any sort of transportation. Just so you do not get ripped off. If you are going to doing excursions
make sure you pre booked them. Another thing before you even book your cruise is to check what cruise you are going to actually choose. So this means the cruise line and
the ship. Oh my gosh there are plenty to choose from. Especially in the Caribbean. Basically every major Cruise Line sails there with lots of different ships. So make sure you do your research before- So make sure you do your research beforehand to make sure that you’re picking the right cruise for you. So that’s it for our tips for the Caribbean. If you have any tips guys please let us know in the comments below. We’d love to share them on a future
video. Please make sure you hit that subscribe button and bell button so you know what we upload a brand new video. If you liked this video and you would like to support us to create even more of them. Please take a look at our Patreon. Big thank you to our cruise
captain’s; Amy, Trish and Melanie. thanks So that’s it till next time. Happy cruising!

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  4. The Dominican republic ports are great if you know somebody from the island or if you speak Spanish they will take you to the best parts of the town your in.

  5. Excellent advice since we sail Caribbean all the time πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŒˆπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‘πŸ» actually Raotan is pretty safe we ve been there about 12 times great peeps( yes it’s Honduras that’s high crime but Raotan Island not and yes we never get off in Nassau or Freeport

  6. Spot on with information πŸ™‚ Decided to call you the Bad Boys now lol just looking at your presentation screen all i could see was the lights and i know it says B&D by my eyes just saw BAD lol I Loved that so no insult intended – love your videos πŸ™‚

  7. Your guys are getting me all excited to cruise once again, just finished my very first cruise to Alaska on the Royal Princess and now I am looking forward to my next cruise, I think it will be a cruise to the Mexican Riviera in the next month or so, the Caribbean is a must-do in the next 4 months or so, so love your tips. I used many of your tips on my recent cruise and it was a breeze I felt like a pro. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ˜

  8. Great video! Wonderful tips!
    Back in the 80s I tended bar with a woman who had worked in the islands, she taught me how to make a Bushwacker. I had forgotten about that until you were trying to come up with the name. As soon as I said the name, you must have heard me! 🀣 I never knew which island it came from though.

  9. I'm glad you pointed out that there are times in particular ports where a ship sponsored Excursion is better than trying to do a third-party Excursion or going out on your own. I would rather pay a bit more and be safe in those sketchy places.

  10. When visiting Roatan, head to West Bay for the beautiful beaches, off beach snorkeling, and restaurants. There's a decent selection of local crafts, too. It's a very tourist oriented part of the island with appropriate security. They do have wandering vendors, but they're not overwhelming or pushy. If you'd feel more comfortable with a cruise affiliated excursion, look for a combination taxi/van/bus trip and day pass at one of the many resorts in the area.

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  14. we went to Xel-HA. this is a taxi ride from Play Del Carmen.Β  it is the most beautiful place.Β  all inclusive. drinks and food.Β  swimming, snorkeling and hammocks. fish are amazing.

  15. I know what you mean about Jamaiica, I had very poor experiences all 3 times visited the island and am never going back. Roatan island is very safe, mainland Honduras is rougher.
    The only island I visited where they did not like US dollars was Martinique, I like to get out of the the tourist trap area and they prefer Euros or plastic in the shops there.
    Belize is also a good port for ship excursions because of the very long tender to shore.

  16. I loved Sint Maarten/Saint Martin (pre-Hurricanes Irma and Maria). I would NEVER go to Jamaica; they are the most homophobic of all the islands (Barbados a close 2nd). If I'm cruising the Caribbean (from Florida), it's because I want to enjoy the weather and the ship and probably would stay on the ship when docked at the ports. I would love to, however, take a cruise to Aruba and the surrounding islands. By the way, I love how your show $100 U.S. bills when you talk about currency, as if we all carry around $100 bills and not the $20 bills like most of us would use. LOL

  17. We LOVED Roatan! We took a tour of the island (Best of Roatan) with Victor Bodden Tours and had the BEST time. It was our favorite port stop when we stopped on our cruise with NCL in the spring of 2018. We booked this outside of the cruise line and had no issues as all, they are really building a tourist friendly side of the island and I always felt safe with them and our tour guide.

  18. We docked at the D.R. & the ship was COVERED with black flies. Stuck in people's hair etc. Totally disgusting & some stayed with us for 3 days. 😢

  19. Good to know, great tips for when we finally get our act together to visit the Caribbean. Haha! I thought only Australia had bushwhackers (hint: ours are not a drink).

  20. …you have to be mindful of the power of the sun…..especially if your from a Northern Climate as your skin seldom feels This power…

  21. I LOVED Nassau! We took a taxi with another family, had a great driver (agreed on price ahead of time), went to the nicest little zoo, they had flamingos everywhere (my FAVORITE thing, ever!) and I got to 'dance' with them, husband got to hold a huge snake, it was great. And the driver came back for us and gave us a nice little tour of the town. It was busy in town that day as 2 other ships were diverted there due to a hurricane elsewhere, but our day in Freeport was also nice, as there were only 2 ships total and the water was beautiful.

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