6 Tips to Hiding Valuables on Vacation

6 Tips to Hiding Valuables on Vacation

the studio is going to consist of tips tricks and hacks to hiding valuables inside your room while you're on vacation not all of these tips and tricks are going to be applicable to every room but there are some you can take with you and potentially help hide your stuff and not have to worry about these all right the first thing that you're going to want to do is decide what your valuables are so that's going to be different to everybody so for women that might be their purse for guys that might be their computers or their tablets for me my valuables are going to consist of my laptop and then money currency those the only two real valuables that I travel with money is always a good idea to keep some back at the room just in case the absolute worst thing happened and let's say you got stripped of everything you had on the street at least you could go back to your room or where you're staying and you're gonna have funds to either get you somewhere or potentially have the majority of your funds so you can continue on on your trip the list of places to hide your valuables is probably unlimited there is so many places inside of a room that you can hide stuff that nobody would ever look I'm just gonna give you a few places to hopefully broaden your mind and open the spectrum of places where you think would be a great place to hide your valuables just in case somebody was to break into your room or a cleaning lady got nosy it's just always a good idea just to keep it out of plain sight and when I keep things out of plain sight I prefer to keep them actually fully hidden so no on a trip and I go out I like to leave the majority of my currency back at the room that way if the absolute worst happened I'm not really too concerned about it because majority my money is going to be back at the room so my number one most favorite place to hide things is probably the grossest but it's gonna be the last place someone would look that this one is going to require a ziplock bag and I actually prefer to use two just in case but this is going to be specific for currency so you're gonna want to take when your supply packs and you're going to want to currency in there sit up obviously fold it up and source like this then if you have one you get here second ziploc bag but this one inside here with the top of and then most piero Zig this one up and then also hold this one up like this take your currency and this one is kind of gross so bear with me but be the last place that I would either look and I would assume would be the last place anybody would really ever lived but you're gonna want to just go into your bathroom and then what I do is I do this quietly as possible nobody can possibly hear me what I do is I'll take the bowl either all the way off or slide it and then I will go ahead and take the money in the support bag and I'll put it on the inside wall that way even if somebody did look in they are not going to see it because it's going to be against the law so because and then your money is dry so that is my absolute favorite place to hide currency just because that's the last place that I would ever imagine to look I would never think that was some even go to that extreme my next favorite place to hide currency is going to be actually just right here in a drawer no not the inside of the drawer but either some drawers we'll pull all the way out and you can take them out and you can put them behind the door like that here but this one does not come out so you'll be able to either do it that way and take the door all the way out or if you bring scotch tape with you you could always tape it to the top side of the drawer like this and it is I'm visible to the naked eye there's no way anybody could ever see it in there but if the door doesn't come out and you don't have tape the next best place is gonna be under the drawer so that I use I like to call the drawer out and then you can a lot of times slide your money in like that and then close the drawer and you cannot feel anything underneath and when you pull the drill out the money does not fall out and once again nobody would ever notice that is where your money is so that is my second favorite place to hide or store currency and now this is gonna be the final and third place I like to store currency and small items it's another close one sort of not really I will show you and not every room is going to be the same so I mean not all of these might apply but you can get the idea but what I like to do is is if you're really has a garbage can that has a bag or a liner or a garbage bag in there what I do is you can either put the bag all the way out or move it to the side and then go ahead and put your money under the trash can nobody is ever going to look for your money in the trash can that's something that you do need to be careful about this one is every night when you come back to the room always remember oats that a reminder or something they'll always remember to take your money out of there just in case there's a house housekeeper that plans on taking the trash out you don't want her to take the trash out and find a bunch of money because you know she's not going to turn in she's not going to assume that it's your I would be the most worried about that one twice the second and final one I might be saying hey Allen two of those three places were gross I'm not going to do that so just for you guys I will give you a fifth one this is the one that I didn't think made the top three cut but it's another good one that it's not the best but I mean it certainly does the job and it will work but once again this will apply to all rooms that you're staying in but here I can show you quick so this one was also going to apply for currency though and probably currency only but this one is going to require you have a hanger that has hooks on so what you're going to want to do is take your hanger and hang up a shirt add a little bit of technical difficulties there but once you have your shirt hung what you can do is go ahead and take your currency put it inside the shirt and then put the clip over the money in the shirt so now your money is stored in your shirt just like this and let's you have our money shirts or Hugo shirts nobody is most like a guy steal your shirts so you can go ahead and paint just something that calls it and nobody's ever gonna know that there is $300 stored away inside of a t-shirt that is hanging up inside of the closet at this point you might be saying okay well I know where to hide my passport in order to hide my phone currency and money but what I do with bigger items now that is a lot trickier of a thing to hide because obviously it's a much bigger item but I have a place for two that I can show you but it is gonna require something okay like I said this one is going to require a tool I would say probably 95% of the time this time for some odd reason I got lucky and it does not but what it is is you're going to want to find the events in your rooms and so I see this one here but what you're gonna want to do is to grab a chair and then normally you're going to want to have a screwdriver to take and off a lot of times also the events are gonna be in the way which makes it really easy but this one is not and it does not require a screwdriver what you'll do is you'll pull these tabs for this one which I already did and allows you to lift up but what you'll be able to do is lift up and then you can and you can go ahead and pull the vent back down and pull the tabs and put them right back in place so that nobody can tell that the event has been tampered with if you were to look around the room that is another one of the last places you're going to look but this one is super simple and it allows you to hide bigger items so in this room there is only two good places to hide the large items so I'm going to show you the second one now but like I said all rooms are different that's what I only have two to show you for this video but if you keep your mind open and you look around your room for two or three minutes there is a ton of places you can hide items these are just going to be a total of I think six is I gave that extra on places to hide small and even large items so most fridges and hotel rooms that you stay in are going to be recessed back into a cabinet or into a wall this one is not so this is not the best place tied a big item but it is a place you could that's really easily and simple that nobody's ever going to look but you can't essentially what you want to do in a hotel room is to actually pull the fridge all the way out and then you can store items back behind there but I don't have the ability to do that with this fridge so it could still do is just go ahead and put your small item so don't I haven't done this yet but you can't pull it out a little bit slide your item back there and then put the fridge back in obviously you can see it right now inferred all the way in there because there's no point to but if you put it all the way against the other side nobody would ever be looking on this side of the back of the fridge you see if there is an item back there most people are going to even think that there be an item there'd be no reason for somebody to put an item back doors with an economical that's the biggest thing there's finding places that people are not going to look for your items but that is going to wrap up this video so that was supposed to be five but it turned into six tips and tricks and hacks to hiding your valuables in your room you are on vacation thank you for watching and please subscribe for more videos

37 thoughts on “6 Tips to Hiding Valuables on Vacation

  1. I have had cleaning people come into our room several times with the “ do not disturb” tag on the outside of the door. Something that helps is a good spy cam that sends you a notice on your phone as soon as someone enters the room.
    1st = Record all calls to the manager & let them know you don’t want any services & to pass the info onto everyone that needs it & to please inform everyone at shift charge. (check laws per state on recording calls)

    • That way if the right people know this & someone enters the room, you can make a call to manager &/or general manager as it is happening & demand action & let them you will be right there with the police.

    2nd.= I would also call police to meet up with me at my room & show the videos & recordings I have.

    • If we don’t you can bet things won’t get done right or in a safe clean manner. I have had snoops that didn’t find what they wanted, but left towels, made the bed & claimed, they didn’t see the tag hanging on the door knob. Ya, right. People do very strange things. Its our area during the time we pay for using it. Now it’s so easy to catch people in action that if we do it enough, maybe they will think twice before they risk getting caught.

    • I had cleaning people in hospital go through my things when I was taken for a test. People have been doing it for way to long. It seems like it’s up to us to make the changes & we now have many tools to choose from.

  2. Back of toilet would be one of the first places I would look. and it is not gross. it is actually clean water.

  3. Sorry to burst your bubble but inside the toilet tank is one of the first places dishonest hotel workers would look for valuables/

  4. What is so "gross" about hiding your $$ in the toilet tank? It's fresh water in there. Hide your dough under the lid of the tank.

  5. Or you could just get small sums of cash out with your credit card… and not carry large sums of cash with you that you have to return to a hotel room for. The second you notice the credit card missing, you just call the credit card company and cancel it.

  6. Money …Use ATM … this is too much if you’re moving on a tour or moving from place to place . I have seen so many travellers forgetting to empty the room safe … on my tours the tour guides is always asked can we go back to clear the safe… no… cause we got a train to catch , or flight or bus !
    go to safe countries where crime rate is lower. This is excess what you are suggesting . Credit card is good and atm is good . The small fee is negligible and just part of your travel budget.

  7. You think the toilet is gross but you put the hanger in your mouth…the toilet water is at least in the CLEAN part

  8. "If you have an Armani shirt" just stop! Boy but you are stupid! If you have an armani shirt 300 eur are the top that you give and no one will think to take from you because you give them anyway. A safe is anywere! Specialy if you go in a hotel. Is is just a low end hostel they have safe in the reception area. Your ideas are…. laughable. But you hhave content and get paid 😆

  9. Just lock everything in your suitcase and locker….why spending your valuables in the entire room,that too for a couple of days

  10. First, a toilet tank has clean water in it. And drunks and drug dealers use that space ALL THE TIME. Under a drawer? Nope. Because if it falls underneath you may not be able to move the furniture to get it out. Oh and stick with duct tape, scotch tape is not going to hold Under the trash? Are f*cking kidding me??? You're trying to hide money from the housekeeper who cleans the room and you leave it in the one place she's required to look!! No, she's not going to find it when she pulls the trash, of course not. Tell her not to pull the trash? That's going to be the first place they look. Do you really hang clothes like that??? Hang it up properly and then clip the money in there. In the vent??? Are you Walther f*cking White?? Are you trying to hide this from the housekeeper or the DEA??

    Here's a few places that will work. Under the mattress, a good distance from the edges. In the freezer of the mini fridge since they don't touch those until you check out. Under the chair, under the desk. On the back of the tv. In the air/heat unit under the panel that they won't touch until you check out. In the pants clips on the hanger WHERE THE CLOTHES ARE HUNG UP PROPERLY! Under the cable box if there is one. If you're feeling really crazy, use a safety pin to attach it to the lower portion of the curtains on the far ends which never move when people are opening and closing the drapes. I could keep going, it's not that hard. Sorry, anyone that's going to do that shit deserves to get ripped off, stupidity should hurt. Save your money and go buy some common sense.

  11. I know of so many other places to hide money but sorry can't share them over here… Your tips are great though…

  12. FREAKING BRILLIANT! You could have stopped at the toilet. All are great but the toilet…. awesome! Thank you!

  13. A bit sexist on the girls valuable is a purse and men's are electronics… but hey, you can also stay at an hotel who has a safe in the room or at the reception! Just saying!

  14. How about your passport that is the MOST important item when abroad!! the maid can let herself in at ANY time so what a terrible idea! i would put it in the dirty clothing bag rolled up in a tiny ziplock bag in some undies in the gusset or a fake pocket, they don't need to be a dirty pair !! maybe stay in better hotels or just take out less cash and insure your stuff as life is too short for all this crap!!

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