2018 Cruise Ship Holiday Updates! Repositioning Cruises and Last Minute Cruise Deals.

2018 Cruise Ship Holiday Updates! Repositioning Cruises and Last Minute Cruise Deals.

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December the 11th 2017 is today’s date it’s a Monday and today I’m going to
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you know what’s coming up the next three months going into 2018 first of all if
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his eyes so Wow thank you okay today’s video talking about cruises and
generally some some travel updates for you I’m getting a lot of questions and
comments about this and I wanted to kind of filling in on what’s happening you
folks all know I’ve done a bunch of videos about hurricane Irma and
Hurricane Maria the devastation in the Caribbean that just tore the place apart
even in Florida and you’ve seen the difference between recovery in Florida
and Houston by the way which also got hit Houston strong way to go way to go
Astros by the way wake up Houston Florida the recovery there has
come a long way still got a ways to go in certain spots of course and then we
compare that to the Caribbean and depending on where we’re dealing with
through the Caribbean it’s different place like st. Thomas a US Protectorate
Wow the Marines landed there and they went
at it st. Thomas has come a long way back from
being 90% destroyed San Martin French protectorate Dutch protectorate those
two governments have poured in billions and personnel like you cannot believe
right down to police forces I mean they have taken over and really cleaned
things up those two uh that Island is well on its
way to coming back half the island is Dutch half the ominous French they’re
coming back strongly Dominica what a what a what a terrible story Dominica is
is an island we don’t hear much about you I bet you folks haven’t seen a story
on Dominica since October but Dominica is a proud of Island it’s
an island nation unto itself and they’re desperate for help they are really
struggling they don’t have a massive g7 country to bail them out they’re having
a tough time and they’re doing it themselves and god
bless them for it and then there’s porto rico and what what haven’t we heard
about Puerto Rico it’s just been unbelievable US Protectorate that you
would think would have the might of the United States behind it to get it going
and for whatever reason whether it’s local politics so you know the island
there or us the USA mainland political issues I just I’m amazed at how
difficult a time people in Puerto Rico are having and then how very difficult
it is to get it up and going again but this is the reality of this of the
world in which we live now as far as cruise shipping goes if you’re on a
cruise ship and it says our tin ireri is we’re gonna stop at st. Thomas or say
Martin or in Porto Rico for a day trip in any spots not to worry the cruise
ships do excellent homework with regard to what it would it be like for you as a
passenger if we drop you off for the day in st. Thomas or st. Maarten or Puerto
Rico they are not going to drop you off on an island that is decimated and all
you’re gonna see is is you know garbage everywhere and rotting food and all that
sort that’s not the way cruise ships operate
these folks are sharp they have incredible marketing
departments they know what the passenger wants and they’re not going to put you
into a dangerous situation or to a very unsanitary situation not a chance
but on the other hand if you are a frequent Cruiser and you’ve been to st.
Thomas before and you’ve seen certain things at st. Thomas if you want to see
again you may not be as fortunate this time around because it’s early days for
the recovery and you know the number one thing to fix our is infrastructure get
the potholes around the port fixed up get the the tourist shops back up and
running get the local bars up and running again but you know as far as
other attractions go if they’re privately run and operated we don’t know
what the situation is and there may be you know a number of
facilities that are still not up and running at this point in time so it’s
the same for st. Martin and the same for Puerto Rico except for say old town San
Juan if you get off the ship ahead to old town San Juan likelihood
everything’s fine you probably won’t notice too much although they’ll
probably be a lot of construction going on for repair work and you’ll have to
tend to that same with the other islands so you know they may not be there was
peaceful tropical islands that you’re used to visiting they may well be
construction sites with a lot of work being done to get things up and going
again and can you blame him no but it’s a reality okay another thing
to remember to a number of ports you know the true slights have taken ships
to a number of other ports to to avoid certain damaged areas one of the places
that that cruise ships have loaded up on and the government has agreed to take
them in is the Cayman Islands Grand Cayman a great place I know it well I
used to live there I know the area very well the island had a rule in place at
least when I was there that no cruise ships on Sundays just Monday to Saturday
only the trick of it though is that lately in the last few years there have
been days where there are four or five cruise ships per day visiting the island
now if you’re an Islander and you’re in the taxi business or in the minibus
business or taking folks up to stingray city it’s all good you got four ships
with 3,000 passengers each twelve thousand passengers man you don’t have
to offer discounts you have no problem getting tourists and customers but for
the customer you know it’s kind of get kind of crowded in some of these spots
Grand Cayman isn’t you know like the city of Miami where you can just
disperse this is not that big a place and so some of these popular tourism
spots might be a bit too heavily frequented and I’m hearing now for this
winter season coming up and we’re into it already by the way there will be five
six or seven ships a day visiting the Cayman Islands and now we’re talking
about 15 to t21 thousand people a day invading this
little island which has a population of 35,000 people I mean you’re talking
two-thirds of the population of day visitors in and out the the port
facility you can’t park the ship at the at the pier in Grand Cayman the ships
stopped of what a half mile offshore they have to weigh anchor there and then
have to use their tenders or their lifeboats their tenders to take you too
short and back and the problem is that the short facilities in the Caymans can
handle two tenders at a time and when you’ve got four or five cruise ships
dropping off and then picking up we’re talking lineups to get out getting in is
easier because you can time you can time it when you come in you come in at 8:00
in the morning 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 that type of thing
maybe going 11:00 and spend a few hours but when you come back anytime after
2:00 in the afternoon 3:00 and afternoon all mayhem breaks loose in the Caymans
despite everyone’s best intentions you might have four different cruise lines
six different cruise ships and there’s a lineup for each different ship for each
tender and if your ship leaves at 4:00 you better be there at 2:00 if your ship
leaves at 5:00 you better be there at 3:00 you might be late getting back on
your ship the captain will usually wait for you know the passengers to come back
if you’re on it I say a cruise ship tour but if you’re on your own you just want
to explore the island and you came back at 5:30 and you didn’t get there in time
you might miss your ship just just give me a heads-up but the mayhem on the
island it’s going to be severe and I can imagine that I know as a local as a
former local I’d be just upset as hell about it but for the local commands who
live off this business these are good days they’re their fortune is are from
others misfortune unfortunately but that’s the way it goes it’s the way this
business works so be forewarned when you look for a cruise check out where it’s
going certain certain ports can handle extra volumes certain ports can’t and I
know the Caymans is one of them can’t just Adam another thing to tell
you about in Canada WestJet and Air Canada have basically cancelled
all flights from Canada to Puerto Rico I believe they’ve also canceled flights to
st. Maarten and st. Thomas for the winter for the whole winter season the
reason is simple a whole bunch of resorts on these islands got wiped out
and so these these airlines are depending on half the plane being booked
by tour operators for for one week stays at a time all-inclusive and then the
other half would be just regular traffic it’s not going to happen
the cruise tour operators have cancelled one week and two week long all-inclusive
to certain islands because their resorts have been wiped out where certain price
points have been wiped out and they just can’t make it pay so they’ve decided to
you know shoot for all-inclusive zin Cuba or Jamaica or you know other other
islands that are that weren’t affected by the hurricane Mexico that doesn’t so
keep an eye on that Puerto Rico whoo what a mess as I said earlier if you’re
thinking of getting a cruise deal and there are a bunch of ailable I’m going
to talk to you about here in a second don’t consider Puerto Rico I hate to do
this to cruise line operators but I’m telling you folks getting in and out of
Puerto Rico 7-1 getting in out of that Airport is a crapshoot these days the
the airport is being held together by duct tape and even now you know our here
we are in December already JetBlue United American their frequency of
flights in and out of Puerto Rico are way down they still aren’t back to
regular schedules and that’s because the airport can’t handle the flights the
flow equipment damage to that type of thing and and now airlines have been
canceling and tour operators have been canceling flights in another so if
you’re trying to get a deal on a cruise out of San Juan Puerto Rico that comes
back to San Juan Puerto Rico the problem you have is not the cruise it’s getting
to the cruise and getting from home from the cruise afterward and we’ve heard
horror stories in Canada about Canadians being stranded a few weeks ago or to get
off the ship go to the airport can’t find the staff can’t find the
the airlines cancelled all flights for the winter WestJet not there now they
have to fly home any way they can and they’re competing with desperate Puerto
Ricans trying to get out there are Puerto Ricans down there who have booked
flights weeks ago to get out next week the week after at a reasonable price to
get off the island permanently and you’re competing with them to get seats
on a limited schedule it’s expensive this can be and there are no last-minute
deals in another San Juan so be four and one now cruise deal if you want a cruise
deal I got great news spread this year looks really good for cruisers January
in particular you can get a one week in cruise out of Florida towards the
Caribbean I’m seeing deals as low as 350 bucks for a week per person that that is
a streaming deal even with taxes and fees and mandatory tipping you’re under
70 bucks tonight you know in nice warm weather man you can’t beat that deal
with food and amenities in a room and changing view all the time and the warm
weather wow there are some fantastic deals I did a video on a couple of these
the other day I’ll put some links in below on the description to tell you
about them also repositioning cruises man this is the spring time for
repositioning cruises March and April you can catch a ship from Florida to
Europe you’re gonna have a field day on some glorious deals again in the low $50
a day range easily found with taxes and fees seventy seventy-five bucks a night
and you can end up in London or self Hampton you can end up in in Barcelona
you can end up in Rome I tell you it’s fantastic if you’ve got 13 14 days to
take a repositioning cruise at that kind of price I would take advantage of that
you get your full meals no jet lag when you get off the ship you’re good to go
right away you’re you’ve landed in Rome and now you’re on holiday mode on land
and if you take a one-way flight home say you work your way from Rome by train
tour bus tour whatever you’re doing you slowly work your way back into Europe
and even take out Ryanair or an easyJet flight to London Heathrow or or to Paris
or where you can get a one-way flight home from there I’m sure at a decent
price especially April it’s still shoulder season so the fair air fares
are low and you’re going the right direction you can keep coming back to
North America you can make yourself a pretty good cruise and holiday itinerary
using the repositioned cruise finding a cheap repositioning cruise I did a video
on that already I’ll put that one in the link below too
and then you can check that out to your leisure so there are deals there’s good
news for their deals out there but beware there are certain things you need
to be aware of with regard to where you depart from for these Caribbean cruises
places you want to avoid things you need to look out for and just be aware of
okay thanks for joining me today I hope you liked this video hope you found it
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Bruce and goodbye traveling with Bruce

2 thoughts on “2018 Cruise Ship Holiday Updates! Repositioning Cruises and Last Minute Cruise Deals.

  1. here's a few suggestions for spending less while on cruises
    Book restaurant packages. You can save money by eating in the free dining venues.
    Do not over tip. Most cruise lines add to your cruise bill a service fee that covers your cabin steward and dining staff.
    Disconnect your phone at sea. Calling ship-to-shore has always been expensive.
    Save on your bar bill with discounted packages.
    Bring your own drinks. Many lines are won't let you bring alcohol onboard (or they'll charge you a corkage fee), but a few let you bring on soft drinks, juice, bottled water and iced tea.
    (I read these and the reasons they work from Voyage magic method website )

  2. Thanks for a very informative video. Can you recommend any cruise companies that operate smaller ships direct from the UK to the Caribbean?

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