13 Tips for an AWESOME Trip to Singapore

13 Tips for an AWESOME Trip to Singapore

Singapore a city like no other foreign yet familiar Eastern yet Western my first impression of Singapore eight visits ago was that it was a beautiful pristine if slightly sterile city but once I dug deeper visit by visit I discovered a fascinating place that has become one of my absolute favorites a city of innovation of commerce of beauty of some of the most shockingly delicious food on earth and a city populated by a diverse and wonderful people make no mistake Singapore is the ultimate melting pot of Southeast Asia so come along as I show you where to go what to do and of course what to eat in the Lion City I am so sweaty right now tip number one how to get around this one's actually pretty simple when you land in Singapore you'll be flying in to be massive impressive Changi Airport from here there are a number of different ways to get into the city the first is the most expensive but by far the easiest just hop in a cab this is usually my preferred method after a 17-hour flight because well I'm lazy and actual taxis here really aren't that bad a cab from the airport to the city center will cost you about $20 u.s. the second method is much cheaper and also very convenient the MRT just head to terminal to follow the signs to the train hop on the east-west line and transfer to where you need to depending on where you're headed I also recommend getting an easy link which gives you unlimited rides on trains and buses for one two and three day periods once in the city centre you can hop in cabs use the MRT or use the app grab it's basically Singapore's ride share app but generally cheaper than uber and central Singapore is actually very walkable just be prepared to sweat a lot it's hot here and humid very hot and very humid it's probably best to just expect to be on a permanent state of dripping this from your sides to your back tip number two where to stay here's where things get a little interesting Singapore is not cheap unless you're talking about the local cuisine but we'll get to that in a moment in fact I'm just gonna say it it is downright spending luxury five-star hotels like the incredibly beautiful but at least in my case prohibitively expensive Marina Bay Sands will cost you anywhere from 300 to 700 a night but don't fret there are a lot of great budget hotel options out there it may take some scouring on the typical aggregate sites but don't worry you'll find something eventually I think I spent about 75 bucks a night for my hotel in Chinatown and of course there's always the hostel route whenever I stay in a hostel I stay at very best in Chinatown tip number three where to eat for those of you who know me you know that I travel the world on my stomach and Singapore is easily one of the two or three greatest food cities in the world this town is all about the food a melting pot of Chinese Indian male Thai middle-eastern Indonesian Singapore is truly the culinary apex of Southeast Asia and the city-state is home to one of the greatest inventions since birth control the Hawker Center the Hawker centers are basically Singapore's way of maintaining its rich street food culture by bringing it inside so they could properly control the safety and fruit of the water these are open-air food courts with hundreds of stalls each specializing in a few different dishes each stall is individually owned each chef a master of a few dishes serving up world-class food usually at around 3 to 5 dollars a plate and the first dish I'm going to be showing you is so amazing it really should be a tip in and of itself actually yeah you know what I'm gonna make it one tip number four eat chicken rice for my first lunch yes there's always more than one I go to the Maxwell hawker Center down the street from my hotel in Chinatown they're in a stand in the middle of the center they serve up the dish that I dream about when I'm away from Asia the ubiquitous Singaporean Hainanese chicken rice juicy steamed chicken served on a bed of white rice that's been cooked in the chicken broth a few garnishes of sweet soy fresh ginger and chili sauce and that's it it's a dish so simple you'd think it couldn't possibly be that special but its simplicity is so beautiful its flavors so subtle and perfect that makes me want to write a poem and I hate poetry probably the most popular stall is Chen Chen chicken rice made famous by the great Anthony Bourdain but it's not the best in the city but as fate would have it the best chicken rice is literally three stalls down opened by the former chef at Ken Chen la Tai is simply better I've eaten them both side by side and sorry Tony that's just the way it is I call him Tony because I hope at some point we'll be friends moving along tip number five continuing the food theme my favorite Hawker centers in the city arm Maxwell Road Hawker centers old airport road food center the Chinatown complex young Beru chomp-chomp food center Wow paths at and the eating Street in Chinatown which I guess isn't really as much of a Hawker Center as it is a street that you eat on now to list all my favourite dishes in all those stalls would take the length of about 742 YouTube videos but here are a few of my favorites an old airport road I adore the char siew at roast paradise which to be honest might just be the most perfect plate of food in the entire city and the lore me a delicious thick Chinese noodle soup at Jin Mei Jiang job how'd I do in that pronunciation my camera guy is telling me not well at Maxwell hawker centre other than the aforementioned one could say a four beaten into the ground chicken rice at a Thai I love the creamy hearty congee at gen gen porridge and the char Coit AO at Marina South delicious food the chomp-chomp hawker centre is the best spot in town for late-night eats particularly the ever-popular gravy licious Hokkien mee noodles at ah hock fried hockey and me and the stupidly delectable spicy stingray at highway you on barbecue stingrays who knew the impressive Chinatown complex is the largest Hawker Center in Singapore housing over 260 stalls but a few of my favorites are the clay pot rice lien hey Benji clay pot' the crazy simple but crazy tasty chee cheong Fung at GG mushy and here you can even try the world's cheapest Michelin star restaurant at hawker Chan for their succulent soy sauce chicken rice or noodles note the queue for this place can be very long and often starts even before they open at 10:00 a.m. and finally make sure to get the change your world satay at stall number 8 on La Paz at satay Street the meat here is smoky savory and beyond tender and the peanut sauce is spicy and perfect make sure to wash all this down with a total unique sugar cane juice or a refreshing soursop smoothie oh god that's good I don't let's ourself is but it's really good now with so many options I get that it can be a bit daunting but my best advice is show up hungry look for a long line and your stomach will take care of the rest for me this is Singapore the Hawker centers are the beating heart of this city and I will chew on that heart all day every day that I am there tip number six speaking of culture and melting pots explore the many varied and fascinating neighborhoods this city has to offer let's start because that's where my hotel is with Chinatown this neighborhood is full of incredible food temples and the cheapest souvenirs in town and just the smells wafting out from the restaurants and food stalls alone is enough to keep me coming back here over and over make sure to hit up the particularly charming area around kyeong psyche Road including the cobbled street of ducks tin hill this whole area has a fantastic village filled with shuttered windows tree-lined streets amazing food and some of the best nightlife in the city another neighborhood I love is a little india here the streets are lined with stalls selling crafted flowers gorgeous art fresh produce and the people are vibrant lively and full of energy and as if we hadn't talked about food enough already little india is also home to some of the best indian food you will get in the city not named Mumbai or Delhi my two favorite spots are the all vegetarian Kamala Vilas for southern Indian food specifically dose I a perfect pancake like brats filled the spiced vegetables and potatoes and jockeys northern Indian cuisine for any damn thing they serve you especially they're made to order garlic butter naan the next neighborhood to check out is the polar opposite of the first to the Orchard Road shopping district I'm not really big on malls but even I have to be impressed with the shopping in this city plus there's a really great view of the city from the rooftop garden at the top of orchard central make sure to check out the incredibly cool arab street and don't miss the very funky Haji Lane a little alley line with kitschy shops and colorful buildings it's super charming tiago rue is a fun more local neighborhood there are shoot little book shops busy cafes the excellent loos Hainanese curry rice a really cool market and above the market surprise surprise another great Hawker Center finally take a walk around the bay to get some spectacular views of the city look up and marvel at the architecture the innovation and the prosperity of this small but impressive country tip number seven check out the Marina Bay Sands so maybe you can't afford to stay there and swim in the incredible infinity pool well neither can i but they have lots of other cool stuff to do the view from the sky park observation deck is probably the best in the city there is of course a massive mall if that's your thing and a casino if that's your thing also spectra there free light and water show they put on every night at 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. makes the one at the Bellagio look like a drinking fountain if you don't feel like paying the money to go up in the observation deck you can get pretty much the same view from Spago at the top of tower 2 just tell them you're headed up there for a drink or better yet spend the money you would have spent in the observation deck and actually get a drink win-win tip number 8 speaking of drinks don't I repeat do not get a Singapore sling because a it's like 36 bucks and B it's a complete drink nothing says $36 like a maraschino cherry there I made my piece we can move on tip number 9 visit the gardens by the bay half Gardens half space-age art installation with breathtaking architecture expansive greenery cascading waterfalls make sure to check out the tree walk through those awesomely weird tree thingies and the mind-bogglingly spectacular cloud forest it may be touristy but this place will utterly blow you away tip number 10 visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens more Gardens I know but these are completely different and equally amazing a sprawling park of endless green this feels more like a tropical central park enjoy the charming Gardens wander the many walking paths take a jog know how you can run in that humidity I will never understand relax in the grass and take in all the beauty of the truly majestic orchid garden tip number 11 do the night safari at the Singapore Zoo the night safari is one of the coolest zoo experiences I've ever had you'll see leopards rhinos elephants lions and much more all from a tram that winds you through the nighttime Jungle Park the whole thing is eerie mysterious great for families and very fun and I must say having read about the Singapore Zoo and the wildlife preserves I love what they do for animal conservation preservation and education it's a great company and a great time highly recommended tip number 12 head outside the city to the island of sentosa and cool off that sticky body of yours and the strait of Singapore this small island accessible to the main island of Singapore by bridge or a monorail has some of the best beaches in the city it's also incredibly touristy but admittedly great for families there's a Universal Studios an outdoor mall an aquarium and a water park if you're looking for a more relaxed stay at the beach hop on the ferry to st. John's Island and walk across the footbridge to the remote Lazarus Island a gorgeous jungle aiding tropical island with arguably the best and certainly most secluded beach in Singapore lay back take in some vitamin D and refresh yourself in the lovely water finally like I say in many of my videos just wander and get lost every corner of this city State has something unique to offer from shopping to temples architecture to food this is an always interesting place it's also one of the safest countries in the world so walk around all you want whenever you want I mean be smart but you know it's safe and don't listen to people when they talk about how strict the laws are and how it feels like a totalitarian dictatorship most of those people haven't even been there I mean yes the laws are strict so guess what don't break them don't want to get a massive fine for spitting gum on the sidewalk don't spit gum on the sidewalk and if you see a sign that tells you not to do something don't do it but honestly whatever you've heard trust me this is a surprisingly cool and laid-back town come check it out it is absolutely worth the 17-hour flight in coach in the middle seat in between two snowing people in a screaming baby and whatever you do please please eat at a hawker centre I've never really been a religious when confronted with the concept of heaven I'll admit I've taken a somewhat incredulous approach but if there is a heaven and I'm lucky enough to end up there I imagine it will look a lot like a hawker Center in Singapore thank you so much for watching if you liked the video make sure to smash that subscribe button like really smash it really get in there it won't get me any extra subscribers but I'll feel better knowing that you gave it the extra effort also I've left a really extensive list of all the places I featured in the video and some I couldn't feature and couldn't fit in in the description below so if I left anything off the list please leave your suggestions in the comments below I always love to hear what you have to say also I want to give a huge thanks to the Singapore Board of tourism for all their help I'll see you soon from somewhere else in the world

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