$100 Million Boeing Business Jet - Royal Jet

$100 Million Boeing Business Jet – Royal Jet

so guys the Board says introducing the most luxurious boeing business jet this is Boeing 737 BBJ behind belongs to royal jets momentarily I'm gonna go on bore and discover what sort of luxury they offer follow me good morning welcome on board our jet point 757 BBJ miniature a flower let's have it sure I love to follow you the cavity GC this is your personal I got to that shoulder look like seeing it happening let me play so I'm gonna choose a really cool color red oh my gosh look at my hand my hand is just drawing the circle and the moonlight is changing it's really really cool so though they sit now that we go down [Applause] the guy's Regina was just showing you the amazing feature everything heavy in one touch of an iPad that you can control the lighting the temperature the shade the music onboard everything this is truly fantastic excellent I'll follow you this is only time to the power this is my seat for the declines and that is the bed for you to have private bathroom you look super nice thank you and very rare with the aircraft's you will find 80 seats for the entourage you've already had a very long wait until I need to show you a very private vision you have a bedroom oh my god I didn't know that okay follow you this is the way to your very private education hi wow I didn't know there's a hated passage here oh my gosh look at this it's a full queen-size bed differently it features a beautiful patient with personal TV screen if you would like to watch a movie value in Tibet what about me to do that you can also serve your beverages and snack we also have your suit dat background Wow so I just changed to the Royal jet Chama and now I'm gonna have a good night's sleep I'm so tired Thank You Regina thank you for turning the blinds down beautiful because we can't tell you how much I enjoy it's like every wish is grounded here so luxury everything is taken care of so captain um it is my pleasure today with you in the coffin of this Boeing 737 BBJ it's actually in fact very excited to tell you it's my first time on bora BBJ boeing business jet so I have a question for you if you don't mind I want to know that what's the range of this BBJ how far you can fly let's say we're basing Abu Dhabi right now this BBJ can fly up to ten and a half hours so from Abu Dhabi we can go all the way to Iceland in the West China and Japan Andes and sometimes I can do so well you see I can accommodate up to 50 passengers with up to 30 404 passages with ten hours range that's awesome so now I'm also interested in what sort of cruising attitude this airplane the BBJ can fly in the sky this BBJ can fly up to a maximum altitude of 41,000 feet but with a modification with on this aircraft we think we brought down the cabin altitude which you can feel in the cabin down to a maximum of 6500 which will give you more compliment by the time you are as you are spending right and actually and your lower attitude in the cabin makes you feel less jet lag and more definitely and also an interest to know what sort of speed this airplane cruise usually this BBJ will close at an average speed of 70 Mach 7 8 just like the normal Boeing seven three sets excellent thank you very much to get one set so guys I have mr. Rob MacCachren he's the CEO of royal jet first of all thank you rob thank you so much invite email or to check out the luxury is unbelievable there's a Rob I guess all the audience will be interested to know how expensive this jet is how expensive the chatter just you that's often the first question we get because the aircraft is so expensive about a hundred million dollar aircraft the cost to fly it you're looking between twelve to fifteen thousand dollars an hour and you do it by the hour so regardless of the number of passengers twelve fifteen thousand dollars an hour on average that's it's it's not an inexpensive plane to take you could have one passenger or go to 34 pounds of gear exactly exactly and and we actually have you talked about the number of passengers we have eight different aircraft we're actually the largest operator Boeing business jets in the world different regulations we have one with 19 seats one with 52 seats so all the different range depending on what you need the best thing though the bedroom do you think flying 10 hours in the aircraft and you have a real bed to sleep in amazing no I was actually failing to call my I was in this bedroom earlier and I was so comfortable so I actually fell asleep and somebody has to wake me up and this one has a very unique internet it's called ka bend and it's the fastest speed internet you can have in the sky so you can be streaming YouTube Netflix Apple TV whatever you like just like you're sitting at home that's amazing Apple TV and YouTube so guys you can watch my youtube while flying this barrage oh that's amazing I'll thank you very much Ron alright Sam welcome such a pleasure a great to have so guys that was the most luxurious boeing business jet in the world to offer thank you so much Raoul Jett and thank you so much for viewing and see you the next week

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  4. $100M (15billion pak rupees)
    Is it the price of this plane?🤔🤔🤔
    Or It is for one seat?🤔🤔🤔🙏🙏

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