10 Things to do in Cambridge Travel Guide | London Day Trip

10 Things to do in Cambridge Travel Guide | London Day Trip

Well good morning good morning. Today we are here at Kings Cross station and
we are going on yet another day trip. Another one. Where are we off to? Another day trip from London. We’re off to Cambridge today. Yes. And yes, it is Sunday morning and we’ve arrived
at the station nice and early yet again. We sure have. We have about 45 minutes to spare. We’ve already printed off our tickets. So yeah, we’re just going to wander around
and uh then we’ll be hopping on the train shortly. So aside from just transportation and taking
the train a lot of people come here to visit the Harry Potter attraction. Platform 9 3/4. However, our destination today is not Hogwarts. Where are we off to? We’re off to Cambridge. There are a number of trains from Kings Cross
to Cambridge with journeys ranging from 45 minutes to a little over an hour and a half. Buying your ticket in advance is always a
good idea as you can get a better price, and it’s also wise to travel off peak. Alright, we’ve arrived and it was an absolute
zoo getting off at the station. Like apparently we’re not the only ones visiting
today on a Sunday. Beautiful weather though and the journey was
only 45 minutes and we forgot to tell you how much we paid. So this ticket was only 16 pounds and we booked
it very last minute. I think less than 48 hours because we wanted
to make sure there was nice weather today and there is so we’re happy. So the first logical stop along the way is
the Botanical Gardens. Yeah. So we paid our admission. It is 5.50 per person. Got a little map so let’s go wander around. If you decide to walk into town like we did,
Cambridge University Botanic Garden makes for a nice little stop, especially if you
want to stretch you legs after the train ride. The garden has over 8000 species, and my personal
highlight was the beautiful glasshouse which is home to some exotic tropical plants. So what did you learn today already? Okay so we’re visiting a little garden where
the plants tell time. And they have like a few different flowers
where the flower opens in the morning like at sunrise and closes at sunset. But they also have one flower that only opens
at night so that is kind of cool. It is a night owl. Okay so it is lunchtime for us and we’ve walked
over to the Regal. Apparently this used to be a hotel, then a
cinema and now it is a pub. So yeah, it is a pretty cool spot. I’ve ordered breakfast and Sam is having lunch. I’m waiting for my eggs benedict and I think
you’re having a Steak and Ale Pie? And a pint of Guinness. A pint of Guinness. So when in doubt I tend to order Guinness
and I always think of a Guinness basically as being a meal in a glass. It is very filling. And my steak and ale pie has arrived. And I’m really excited about this. This is something I’ve wanted to have for
a while since we’ve been back in the UK and I just haven’t. So it also comes this is obviously the pie
but it also comes with if you look down here with the mushy peas and we have chips. Fries. And some gravy so you can either pour I think
you can either pour the gravy on top of the pie or you can use it to dip for the fries. Dissection. And that is what the pie looks like when you
split it open. You can see all of the there is meat, gravy
and it has got like a flaky exterior. Ah, it is going to be good. Exciting times. Alright, I’ll just dig in. So let’s break into that. I want to get a bit of the crust but also
I see a big chunk of meat too. Mmmm. Absolutely delicious. Well somebody looks happy over there. Here we go. Breakfast for lunch today. Breakfast for lunch. And I’m having lunch for breakfast I suppose. Check it out. Eggs Benedict. We’re kind of in the gray zone where it is
in between breakfast and lunch. Yeah, it is about 11:30 so yeah. Get what you want, right? Yep. Mmmm. Nice? Woah! That was a filling lunch. It sure was. Brunch slash lunch I suppose you could say. And it was really affordable too. It was only 13 quid and yeah we’re both satisfied,
full and now we’re ready to finally explore. Feeling stuffed from that pub fare, we started
making our way into town, and it wasn’t long before we came across the River Cam which
was teaming with punters. Some made it look easy, while others were
struggling, but we had a different idea and decided to go visit one of the colleges. As a fun fact: The University of Cambridge
was founded in 1209, just a few decades after Oxford University, making it the second oldest
university in the English-speaking world. It is divided into 31 independent colleges,
and our first one of the day was Queens College. So we have just paid our admission fee to
visit the Queens College and that was 3.50 per person and what makes this college so
special is that this is where Erasmus of Rotterdam studied. And also this is the only college in Cambridge
that boasts a half timbered building still standing right behind me. So one cool thing we’ve noticed both here
in Cambridge and in Oxford is that a lot of travelers don’t seem to be willing to pay
to visit the colleges. And it is so cheap. It is usually just like 2 to 3 pounds. Sometimes 5 pounds if it is a really famous
one. But once you pay and you go in you find that
the colleges almost empty and you have like these beautiful university grounds all to
yourself. So easily the most popular thing to do here
in Cambridge aside from of course exploring the University is to go punting. And it is like a full contact sport it is
very crowded out there. Oh yeah. So next up we’re inside the Great Saint Mary’s
Church and we’re going to be climbing the tower because apparently these are the best
views of all of Cambridge. And we like to climb towers. Apparently we do. We’ve been doing that a lot lately. The spiralling staircase is quite narrow and
it has to accommodate traffic going up and down, which requires being a contortionist
at times, but that’s how you earn those views! Okay, so we made it up and we made it down. We sure did. And we’re both feeling a little under the
weather today. Oh man. I have a sore throat and my body is kind of
aching like an 80 year old. So it is a bit of a climb to go up. Very crowded. There were a lot of people but the views were
absolutely worth it and we paid 3.50 to go up so yeah it was good value. We got a great view of the city. Okay, so next up we are doing Trinity College
and this is the largest college here at Cambridge University and also it was founded by Henry
VIII and Sam and I what show did we just finish watching? We just finished watching the Tudors. The Tudors. It was really good. Four seasons on Netflix and there were actually
mostly Irish actors but they did a really good job. Yeah. We learned a lot about the history. Now we know all about Henry VIII rule and
it was scary stuff. And his 6 wives. His 6 wives. Alrighty then. That is basically it for our little travel
guide from Cambridge. Mini travel guide. Mini travel guide. Seriously, I feel like we barely put a dent
in Cambridge. Yep. But yeah, we are back at the station just
waiting for our train now back to London and yeah I mean that was a nice day trip but at
the same time we are both so sick and like lethargic that we were just like dragging
our bodies around town. I’ve actually like my condition has been upgraded
to a pretty bad fever right now. I feel pretty crap to be honest but anyways
it was a good trip we soldiered on what got we finished everything we wanted to do. Yeah. But kind of like Oxford I would suggest maybe
coming for overnight. A night or two. Yeah, come for a bit longer and during the
week. We’re here on a Sunday. Yes. It was a zoo. It was so packed. It was too busy. It was almost a little hard to walk around. It was even busy coming over on the train
this morning it was just a little overwhelming. But yeah, come on a weekday and I mean this
is the middle of the summer on a weekend so what can you expect. So yeah we’re going to hop on the train, have
a siesta and I think our next video is going to be coming to you from Wales. That is right. Bye. Tata. And we’ll leave you with some train clips.

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