10 Reasons to Stay on a Cruise Ship at a Port of Call!

10 Reasons to Stay on a Cruise Ship at a Port of Call!

Your cruise ship has finally docked at
its next port of call. As the announcements are being made and your
fellow passengers are making their way to the gangway,
you remain poolside with a drink in hand. Today, you’ve decided to stay on the ship.
Why? Because sometimes staying onboard the ship during a stop at an island can
be just as rewarding. While we certainly do enjoy exploring our destinations with
various shore excursions, sometimes we just want a low-key day. Not convinced?
I’m DB from EatSleepCruise.com and here are our seven reasons to stay on
the ship at your next port of call. No one really wants to wake up early on
vacation to catch that 7:30 a.m. tour or tender. When you stay onboard during a
port of call, you can sleep in as late as you want.
Who doesn’t like a few extra hours of sleep to recharge their batteries, lounge
around your cabin perhaps with some breakfast on your balcony, or claim your
favorite lounge chair to catch some rays. When you stay onboard during a port of
call, you won’t have to worry about waiting for a drink or a seat at your
favorite restaurant. Once the crowds head out to the island, the dining venues and
bars will all be yours. Sometimes, the ship will even offer
discounts on food and drinks while in port like special buy-one-get-one
promotions or certain percentage off coupons. On a typical sea day, you’ll be
sharing the pool with a few hundred of your new friends.
if you’re looking to stretch out or perhaps even take a few laps for
exercise, stay onboard the ship at your next stop. You’ll actually get to enjoy
the pool deck without feeling claustrophobic as most pools on the ship
will be pretty empty. Some indoor venues like the shops, casino, and select bars
will not be open while in port, but with no crowds, you can stroll up and down the
decks to explore every nook and cranny of the vessel. This is also a great time
to score some ship photos and selfies in normally high-traffic areas such as the
Royal Promenade on some Royal Caribbean cruise ships or the Waterfront on some
Norwegian Cruise Line ships. It’s a foolproof way to ensure that your
vacation pics are not photo bombed! Your next port of call might be the
ideal time to explore some of the ships activities with virtually no waits. You
can go ahead and conquer your ship’s ropes course or splash down on the water
slides. Play a round of mini-golf or utilize the other amenities on your
ship’s sports deck. With most people off the ship, you will have these activities
mostly to yourself. No matter what you choose, you own the outdoor space when
you stay on the ship at a port of call. Granted, the crowds will return by
mid-afternoon, so we suggest testing out your ship’s signature attractions earlier
in the day before the crowds return to the ship. If you decide to stay on the
ship, be sure to look for deals at your ship’s spa. The spa and onboard salon
almost always run port day specials and discounts. Exclusive areas on the ship
might offer day passes or discounts while in port. Use all that money you
saved from not going ashore to splurge on a discounted couples
massage or enjoy a day pass to your ship’s thermal suite. After all, you are on
vacation! The onboard gym is often packed with other passengers except when the
ship is docked. You can utilize all the equipment without any hassle. Or, if you
prefer to enjoy the weather, go for a run on the jogging track. While the ship is
in port, you won’t have to worry about dodging other travelers as you’ll have
the deck almost exclusively to yourself. Do we have you convinced yet? The next
time you are reviewing those shore excursions and tours, consider a change
of plans, pack an extra bathing suit, and enjoy the
cruise ship’s amenities while you stay onboard at your next port of call. And
there you have it, that’s our seven reasons why you should stay on the ship
at your next port of call. But of course, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know
in the comments section below some of the things you like to do on the
ship when you stay onboard at a port of call.
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51 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Stay on a Cruise Ship at a Port of Call!

  1. When we go to Nassau next May we are staying on the ship. We have never done that and want to and Nassau does nothing for us. Going on Oasis to Cape Canaveral, Coco Cay and then Nassau. No thanks to Nassau.

  2. I tend to stay on board the ship in ports like Nassau where I've been so many times before. But I kind of feel now that I will definitely get off the ship there and try to either take a local tour or eat at a local restaurant or at least buy something locally to help support the economy so they in turn can try to rebuild after Hurricane Dorian

  3. We’re cruising again in January and will likely stay on the ship at Cozumel. We’ve already seen Telum and I honestly have more fun, and am more relaxed on the ship just hanging by the pool. Plus this time we’ll have a balcony to rest on. All 7 reasons you gave are good reasons to stay on.

  4. Your vid is about 4 mins too long. Fewer people on the ship = …….wait for it……. fewer crowds to deal with. Gotta do better than this for a sub.

  5. The intro included a video clip of Nassau. On our next cruise I would prefer to do exactly that when at Nassau. I may go on shore briefly to shop and then return to the ship. I don't like the vibe of that port.

  6. We have stayed on the ship during port days and it is exactly as described. Only downside is that stores are closed. No problem since land-based shopping is usually within walking distance of ship.

  7. I guess some folk will want to do this in the Caribbean, but I cruise to other interesting places where I want to see. E.g Baltic, S.America, The Med etc.

  8. I have only cruised in the Bahamas and Caribbean. I get off the ship at private islands/cays, I remain onboard at all other ports. The pool deck is pleasant on those days. The ships I use are fairly small anyway.

  9. Stay and tell everyone on the ship that's it's mandatory for everyone to get off the ship while in port. Tell them this is the only time they have to empty and clean the pool deck, spa, kitchens, etc. Then you have them all to yourself:)

  10. I never stayed on board when I was younger. The beaches and a few local shops were the plan along with an early return to avoid the crowds. It sure would be nice if the ships would have a special reserved seating lunch for us old guys to get a real nice meal and enjoy a day of peace and quiet.

  11. My sister just went to Cocoa Cay and Nassau on the Navigator of the Seas the weekend before Dorian hit. She said that most everyone got off the ship in Cocoa Cay, but very few people must have gotten off in Nassau, judging by the huge crowd at the pools and the Solarium. Furthermore, last year we went with our parents on a 4 night cruise to Key West and Nassau, and I must say that I enjoyed walking around Key West, but there was very little to do in Nassau…unless you could afford to fork out a small mortgage to go to Atlantis. So, after my dad bought my mom a bracelet at one of the jewelry stores, we went back to the ship. I will never forget the circus of a time we had getting out of, and back into, the cruise port gate. Vendors and cab drivers were yelling and screaming at you as you came and went. Very annoying! I wanted to shout at them, "We're not illiterate! We CAN read your signs, you know? There's no need to scare people away with all the commotion!" However, I didn't want to create a scene in public, nor did I feel like getting arrested so I kept my comments to myself.

  12. More realistically.
    1 You won't get robbed by third world thugs ashore.
    2 Service people will be desperate for tips and not be as rude as usual.
    3 You can enjoy the real ship life, chipping, banging, painting that happens with most passengers ashore.
    4 With most of the crew ashore, you can have another go at yesterday's food.
    6 Staying in your cabin, you might catch that little steward who has been stealing your cosmetics.
    7 You won't get the Motezuma's Revenge from undercleaned, overpriced, unsanitary eating places ashore.
    Bonus: You will have a pocket full of money that authorized tours would have guided you to spend at the overpriced stores where they get kickbacks.

    Yes, I have often stayed aboard. I worked on cruise ships.

  13. I tried this on the allure and was a little disappointed that the flowrider was closed all morning. It’s a good idea but check ahead for the hours of things to make sure they’re actually open.

  14. You might as well stay home. Me, i get off and have a great day exploring.Off on another cruise in 3 weeks. See my cabin reviews.

  15. we should have skipped Brindisi, Italy, it was so boring, my kids had more fun choosing which gelato to try at the local gelato store than seeing ancient Roman column, singlular.

  16. You could not give me enough money to take a trip on these swimming hotels in the first place.
    Consider it absolutely boring and a pain in the neck for nature.

  17. Stayed on board on the Allure while in port due to a cold I had developed and had one pool and two hot tubs to ourselves. It was wonderful we'll be doing that again at ports we've been to many times.

  18. I learned in the Navy it was best to stay onboard ship at some ports of call,  like Karachi Pakistan.    Some of my shipmates came back just reeking of Gonorrhea, Syphlis, Black Mary etc.   They sure paid for that port visit.

  19. We also like to stay onboard. I enjoy having a mani/pedi while hubby goes for a workout. There is always some kind of entertainment going on and we enjoy exploring the ship. One time we found a pool that we didn't know about.

  20. Another thing to do while staying on board is to search the internet and "borrow" tons of stock video footage from other sources, then edit them together with some real amateur narration and post it on YouTube. It's great way to get monetized on the work of others. 🙂

  21. Hi… going on my 1st cruise in November and I was planning to do the spa on port day THEN go off the boat, but I wasn't going anywhere except to take a picture like at the Cozumel sign… would I have time to do these things? Thanks for any insight 😊

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