10 of Donald Trump’s Business That Completely Failed

10 of Donald Trump’s Business That Completely Failed

hello I'm Simon Whistler you're watching top tens net and in the video today ten of Donald Trump's businesses that completely fails you may or may not know that a few of Donald Trump's companies have gone bankrupt these companies filed chapter 11 bankruptcy which is considered to be a reorganization of debt several of his casinos and resorts were billions of dollars in debt because the businesses were simply not profitable enough to make up for their losses for most humans on this planet that amount of debt would create a crater so deep there would be no hope to climb out of this for Trump though all it took was selling some of his shares of those failing companies and well he was squared away in 2015 he even bragged about this on Twitter saying that he is simply taking advantage of the way that American law works the successful real estate business his father started gives him a tremendous safety net Trump as the luxury of trying as many new business ideas as he wants no matter how little experience he had in any given industry in the video today we're looking at ten examples of the many many failed business ventures that Trump has had over the years number 10 Trump steaks when you think of buying a quality cut of beef you would probably think of going to a grocery store or a butcher the last place you would think of for shopping for raw meat is the place that you buy your pillows and blankets but well that's exactly what Donald Trump did in 2007 the future presidents created a new business called Trump steaks their line of assorted meats included steaks hamburgers and hot dogs they're all packaged in black gift boxes depending on your choice of meat they cost anywhere from a hundred and ninety nine dollars to nine hundred and ninety nine dollars he claims they were the best-tasting steaks in the world instead of giving any sort of culinary experience in the commercial Trump simply says I understand steaks they are my favourite food it doesn't take a marketing genius to realize that this was a bad idea but it does get worse because they were sold at the sharper image now if you're not familiar with the sharper image they normally sell home goods and they're basically a more expensive version of Bed Bath and Beyond they were also sold on the Home Shopping Network at 96 dollars pounds you consider this as being a health hazard waiting to happen or just Amazon fresh years ahead of schedule according to a one-star customer review of Trump steaks titled never again they got it for a gift but they were greasy and gave them a stomachache it would seem that anyone else who dared to buy the gift wrap meets all felt the same because it didn't take long for the company to disappear number 9 Trump iced bottled water drop tower in New York City has a snack area where they sell food and drinks among them is bottled water called Trump ice with Donald's face on it he also sells these at his resorts and casinos despite the fact that the bottles looked like the cheapest dollar store variety with a new sticker slapped on the front Trump claims that his branded water is the purest in the world with superior mineral content that is above all other luxury brands according to author and water connoisseur Michael Masser the amount of minerals in Trump ice water is actually much less than many other brands and is not sourced from an exclusive location it is also served in cheap plastic bottles rather than glass for all of these reasons it should not qualify as a luxury product and yet Trump wants to charge a luxury prices simply because his face is on the sign needless to say no one bought into his claims in the tap water never spreads to mainstream grocery stores number eight the New Jersey generals you may have never heard of the football team called the New Jersey generals they had a short-lived life span from 1982 to 1986 playing in a lesser-known league called the United States Football League or USFL Donald Trump bought the New Jersey generals for six million dollars in 1984 since the league was just starting out the team didn't get much time on TV and therefore was not very profitable almost immediately after buying the team Trump wanted to move the team schedule from the spring to the fall so they would play at the same TV time slot as the more popular NFL games then he pushed the league to sue the NFL claiming that they had a monopoly over football in the fall during this time Trump used all of the financial resources of the league to pay legal fees this was all in an attempt to win 1.7 billion dollars in damages apparently Trump was so confident that he would win that the NFL would have to buy all of the teams from the USFL as compromised but it turns out that the didn't want to touch Trump with a ten-foot pole according to a juror named Patricia Sebelius there to help decide the case in 1984 she and her fellow jury members believed that Trump was shocking the arrogance it was clear that he was only doing this in an attempt to create a loophole of buying a football team at a discounted rate since an official NFL team is closer to 1 billion dollars the judge agreed that the NFL did have a monopoly over the airwaves for live coverage of football on TV but disagreed with the claim that they somehow owed the USFL nearly two billion dollars while Trump did win the case he was awarded just three dollars this brilliant must plan actually backfired even further because it exposed the fact that the USFL was breaking the laws with player contracts which forced them to pay hefty fines all of this drama drains the league's bank accounts so much that the entire USFL had to shut down in 1986 a reporter for the Los Angeles Times explains that thousands of people including his wife lost their jobs all because of Trump's ego even today Trump is clearly still very salty about the NFL and he continues to bash them on Twitter whenever he can number 7 the Tour de Trump bike race when you look at Donald Trump you don't exactly see a great example of physical fitness even if he does go golfing every single weekend but he seemed utterly determined to succeed in the world of sports in 1986 he moved on from football and decided he would have a tremendous long-distance American bike race that would rival the Tour de France when the press asked why he calls it the Tour de Trump he said that the name would make it more successful during an interview he said that he had not ridden a bike since he was 7 or 8 years old and like most Americans he wasn't really a fan of watching cycling either his interest most likely came from the fact that in Europe the Tour de France gets hefty sponsorships worth millions of dollars as he would later learn the only reason why the Tour de France is so profitable is because people in Europe actually watch cycling on TV the race began in Albany New York and ended in Atlantic City New Jersey some of the best cyclists in the world gathered to compete in the race because Trump offered a generous cash prize the race was broadcast on NBC and they tried their best to get American audiences interested in cycling by having one interviews in order to get them invested in the competitors but it was simply not enough Trump sponsored a second race three years later in 1989 which failed to make a return on the investments he pulled out of the race and the DuPont family took over renaming it the torta Ponce after a couple of years though even the DuPont's decided that it wasn't worth the trouble and they stopped having the race in 1996 number six ACN and the Trump Network ACN was a digital phone service provider and Donald Trump agreed to be the face of the company despite the fact that laptops and smartphones already have webcams ACN claims that their cutting-edge technology is years ahead of everyone else's Donald Trump spoke in front of stadiums filled with over 20,000 people in training seminars for ACN encouraging them to buy more phones to sell to their family and friends the top salespeople brothers Michael and Patrick Nasir spoke on a regular basis about how ACN made them millionaires it turns out they were actually running a drug ring to make their millions and use their ACN business for money laundering the vast majority of people who signed up to become ACN salespeople lost money in the process and the true average income has been estimated at just 700 dollars per year even after all these problems were exposed Trump still endorsed the company calling it a better investment than real estate this was clearly a pyramid scheme and they are illegal in the United States Montana was the first state to bring ACN to court and many many other states followed suit unfortunately this global company is so powerful that it actually still exists to this very day now you might be thinking you want to give Trump the benefit of the doubt on this one because maybe he didn't know it was a pyramid scheme not at all though in fact he was inspired by this and created his own multi-level marketing company called the Trump Network in 2009 they requested the customers send them urine samples so they could give them custom vitamin supplements in return he even mentions the recession in the commercial for the company playing on the hopes and dreams of desperate Americans by promising that it would be the answer to all of their financial problems thankfully not enough people fell for it and the con network disappeared number 5 Trump 4-game Donald Trump decided that he could make a better board game than monopoly so he came out with Trump the game each of the players starts off with a million dollars at their disposal and the object of the game is to buy New York real estate and become the richest person at the end Milton Bradley made two million copies of the game in 1989 but only 800,000 sold in stores across the country according to customers who tested the game the rules made the players feel anxious rather than having fun and many people kept it sealed as a novelty item that same year a fellow casino owner named Bob Stupak bet Trump $1,000,000 that he would win a one-on-one match playing his own board game against him Trump attend down the challenge admitting that it was always possible to lose it wasn't until the apprentice aired on TV in 2004 the Milton Bradley decided to give the game nothing go instead of improving the rules or the gaming experience the second edition added in you're fired cards that could block another player from buying a property there are also cards with Donald Trump's face on them that can beat absolutely anything else a player tries to do which makes him the hero of the game every single time number 4 Trump University after trying and failing at so many different industries Trump University was one idea that should have actually worked most of Donald Trump's financial success came from the real estate business that he inherited from his father and he gained a lot of notoriety after being the star of The Apprentice it would have actually made a lot of sense for him to follow through that of course he wasn't actually trying Trump University promised to give students courses that were taught by some of the leaders in the real estate industry and they would help them become successful it turns out that it was not an accredited university and the teachers were not even licensed real estate agents he didn't even have a plan for the curriculum for the school instead the school hired charismatic salespeople who pushed students do you pay upwards of $35,000 for tuition where they ultimately learns nothing of real value for the real estate industry he was sued not once but three times over Trump University one lawsuit was brought by the New York Attorney General in 2013 for the fact that the school was a fraud there are two separate cases that demanded to give refunds to former students during interviews Trump's lawyers claims that loads of people were happy with the classes in reality nearly 7,000 notices were sent out to former students about the lawsuit and only two of them claims that they thought their experience was worth the money in the end Trump could not continue to fight the legal battle when he became president and he was forced to pay twenty five million dollars to six thousand students who were part of the class-action lawsuit after it was over Trump refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing saying that he only lost the case because the judge was Mexican number three Trump magazine even after becoming president of the United States Donald Trump has no qualms about attending a party hosted by playboy so it should come as no surprise to learn that in 1990 Donald Trump was on the cover and this experience is probably what inspired him to make his own men's publication called Trump magazine in 2007 the contents he included in the magazine was mostly advertising for luxury products like yachts cigars and liquor often with sexy women on the cover of course basically Trump made the perfect magazine for himself according to the former managing editor most of the articles that were written for the magazine were just meant to glorify his achievements and advertised his own businesses so much that it could rival propaganda from North Korea the final magazine could not be printed until he had the final say-so and didn't mark any issues with a sharpie the magazine flopped in 2009 because it turned out the audience for the magazine was so small that they simply didn't sell enough copies to pay for the expense of running a print publication number two Trump vodka while Trump vodka promised to be success distilled in liquid form the liquor company failed almost as quickly as it went to market the man who was in charge of creating the vodka is J Patrick Kenny who was a former employee of Seagram's after Kenny pitched the idea to Trump he agreed to let him use his name in exchange for 50% of the profits they made selling the vodka Kenny set off straight away creating a corporation called drinks America and founded a distillery in the Netherlands one of the biggest downfalls for the company was in 2006 when Trump admitted during an interview with Larry King that he doesn't enjoy drinking Trump vodka despite the fact that his name was on the label the brands tanked soon afterwards which completely screwed over Kenny's career he said that the company cratered and there is not a single bottle of krump vodka left except of course for the ones being sold on eBay number one Trump airlines yet again Donald Trump tried to dive headfirst into an industry that he had Apps no experience with he bought the company formerly called Eastern Airlines and decided to slap his name on the side of 21 Boeing 77 airplanes unfortunately he knew nothing about fuel costs repair costs or what to charge for tickets much like everything else he simply promised everyone that it would be the best flight experience in the world a travel writer from Conde Naste named Barbara Petersen explained what it was like to fly on a Trump shuttle back in 2011 she says the staff was pleasant the food and drinks were great but she couldn't get over how Trump's attempts to insert a luxury into such old planes just didn't fit in her own words it was like having the 21 club at cater a Greyhound bus if you're wondering why Trump airlines failed well he couldn't pay his bills the company took out a two hundred and forty five million dollar loan from Citibank and the company wasn't making any profit the company was 1 point 1 million dollars behind in their bills and when he couldn't make the payment a so-called rescue package was gathered by some of his banker friends to cover the bill for him you know because of our what's a million dollars between friends he was not able to keep the company afloat even after getting that help from friends when asked about his experience running the airline from said the airplane business is a tough business but I did great so I really hope you enjoyed that video if you did don't forget to subscribe to this channel for brand new videos every day of the week also I've got another channel it's called today I found out and on that channel we have content very much like this except we dive into one specific subject in real depth you can check that out through the icon on the screen now but if you're looking for something else to watch right now why not check out another top tens video or a today I found out video over there on the right and as always thank you for watching

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  2. Donald Trump is the Same Guy as say a Shopping Mall Magnet .. They hype it up then about 3/4 finished they take out another loan on the place for Millions then bail out leaving the property stuck and on the hook for the payment and then after 20 years when the Mall is at the end of it's service life it fall's into disrepair tenants start leaving a few dollar stores go in maybe a flee market just before they read the building it's last rights .. But I'm a little shocked he jammed up Charles Icon His "friend" Trump get's a huge check the day his name goes up on the building regardless of whether or not it's making a dime..

  3. Trump is what happens when you give an idiot a tonne of money and tell him to have fun "playing" business man, he fails and fails and occasionally has a bit of success lol. Fascinating.

  4. We've got to vote him out or we will be his final failure. He's already degraded America to the level of trailer trash on the world stage. We are a laughing stock behind closed doors around the world.

  5. Has Trump ever done anything successful…..?????
    The fiascos are numberless, but is there anything he has done right….???

  6. I think all of his companies are insolvent, please Donald release your financials and prove us wrong.

  7. So what–he lost a few battles but won the war……the biggest loser is Hillary ..Trump will win again in 2020 libtards so get used to it…….TRUMP 2020

  8. I am more impressed of those that fail and regain their stance, than those who never took risk. Thanks for the POSITIVE to show that only in America can you keep winning after losing using the law.

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