10 Biggest Cruise Rip Offs To Watch Out For

10 Biggest Cruise Rip Offs To Watch Out For

What are the 10 biggest
ripoffs on a cruise and how can you avoid them, get around them, or reduce them? I’m Gary Bembridge, this is another of my tips tips of travels. I’m currently cruising,
I’m here in my cabin, and I’ve been thinking about the things that cruisers get ripped
off the most on a cruise, starting with this one. WiFi is a huge area where
you can get ripped off. WiFi is generally not free on a cruise, and it can cost you anywhere
between $0.40 to $0.75 or sometimes even more per minute. Now, you can buy various
packages to help reduce the cost, but you can easily be spending
per person for one device $200-300 on a seven-night cruise. So, how do you get around that? Well, first of all, really think about whether you need to be connected. If you are on a very
port-intensive cruise, you can use WiFi when you’re on land and just switch off when you’re actually on the ship overnight. Or you can perhaps choose increasingly one of the cruise lines that are offering WiFi within the fare. So, Virgin Voyages, Oceania,
Saga Cruises that I’m on now, they include WiFi within the package. It tends to be though, as
you go more and more premium. So really watch out, WiFi could add many hundreds of dollars
onto the cost of your cruise. Also very importantly is make sure that when you are on the cruise, that you switch off data roaming so you don’t get any surprise
charges from your provider. WiFi can be a massive ripoff. We all expect it on land it
to be free and available, but it’s not on a cruise. So really carefully look at the prices and make sure that you are minimising getting ripped-off when it comes to WiFi. Second area to think about is excursions. You can easily be spending $100, $200 per person per excursion. That can mount up to
many hundreds of dollars across the course of a
week-long or longer cruise. There are loads and loads of alternatives to cruise line excursions, which will always tend to
have a slight premium in them, partly because they do guarantee that the ship will wait for you if the excursions are running late. I like to look at a couple of things to avoid paying a lot
of money on excursions. First of all, I look wherever there are for hop-on hop-off buses. I’m a big fan of hop-on hop-off buses. They often come to cruise port, they’re relatively inexpensive, you get some commentary. It’s gonna take you to all the key sights. Also you could look at
third party providers. They’ll often provide the same tours as the cruise line, they’ll
be normally much cheaper and also have smaller groups. The other great thing is tours by locals. There are many, many companies set up which will have locals that live, work, grown up in an area, and they will take you
around often for free and you just pay them a gratuity as a thanks for those tours. You can find all of those online if you just search things
like tours by locals and the port that you’re going to. The key thing when you are
looking at cruise excursions to avoid being ripped off is take a look at just
how close places are to the port you can often find that some of the excursions are very easily walkable from the port and there’s actually a big premium being taken by the cruise line there. If you want things like
a day at the beach, take a look at things like resort passes. You can often find them online either directly through the hotel site or again you can just
search for resort passes in the place you’re going, and you’ll find you can
often go to the same resort or similar results for
significantly less money than you’re gonna be
paying for the cruise line. So definitely take a look
at different alternatives. You may end up that you decide you want to stick with the cruise line because you like the
security of knowing that the cruise ship will wait for you if the excursion runs late, which all the other
options the cruise line does not guarantee they will wait for you. The third area for me that I think does verge on the ripoff
area is spa treatments. Spa treatments on cruise ships seem to me to be incredibly expensive
for what they are, even you compare them with premium prices in places like London, for example. So one of the ways to avoid that is either not go to the spa at all or wait until a port day. You’ll find huge reductions
on spa treatments on port days ’cause less people go. You can often get 40% or
more of a spa treatment. So if you do really want to go to the spa and you find the costs too high, then make sure you go on a port day. Also be really, really careful, check that you’re not gonna
get on top of that charge a gratuity charge. You’ll find many
cruise lines will charge you what I think are very high prices for the spa treatment, but they will then add
on 18% gratuity charges, and also the people doing the treatments are incentivised to sell you products. So they do quite a hard sell at the end. So one of the things I
find with spa treatments is almost stressful in themselves because they are pretty expensive, and you have that up sell. So make sure if you
don’t want to be ripped off you’re really clear that you don’t wanna buy any products and go on port days. Another area that I do personally think is crazy are photographs. Photographs taken by
the ship photographers are pretty expensive to buy, and you can get around that by
taking your own photographs, particularly if you wait until a port day, perhaps stay on the ship
when the ship’s quieter, and you basically go around
and take your own photographs. Even if you don’t have a
DSLR camera, bear in mind that mobile phones have incredibly good cameras. So actually take your own photographs, spend some time going
around, particularly, as I said, on a port
day when it’s quieter, and do your own photographs, because buying the
photographs from the ship can be incredibly expensive. Now you might want to splash out on one because you want a picture
with the captain, for example, on formal night. But it it is really, really expensive. Take your own photographs. Look at the locations that
they’re using around the ship, and go there when the ship is quiet and take the same photographs
for much, much less. Nothing, just time. Another big rip off, I
believe, is bottled water. Now this is actually starting to evolve, because instead of cruise
lines selling plastic bottles, they’re moving more and
more to refillable bottles. So hopefully over time
this will disappear. However, bottled water
is really expensive. And you can buy packages
and spend a lot of money. The water itself on a cruise
ship is perfectly drinkable. A lot of people worry about whether they can drink the
water on a cruise ship. It’s perfectly, 100%, high-grade
water that you can drink. If you’re worried because you think you might not like the taste, why don’t you take little
sachets of flavouring and have flavoured water. That way you could probably
even save on sodas. On the positive side, as
cruise lines look more and more at how they can reduce these plastics, they’re increasingly giving
you refillable water, which is the water that you can be drinking anyway out of your tap or some of the water
stations around a ship. Bottled water is a big rip off, in my view, when you can drink the water on the ship. If you travel quite a lot by yourself, make sure that you don’t get ripped off by the single supplements. If you go on many cruise lines they will charge you 50% to 100% surcharge for single occupancy of a double cabin. There’s no need to do that
because increasingly cruise lines are launching ships with solo cabins. So, for example, I’m on Saga. 20% of their cabins, 109
cabins, are solo cabins. All the big new ships coming are increasingly having solo cabins. However, if the cruise line
that you’re a big fan of doesn’t have solo cabins, sign up for or ask your travel agent to watch out for single supplement deals. So you’ll find a lot of the cruise lines on specific sailings will
slash right down to 20%, 10%, or sometimes even no supplements for solo travellers. So that’s what I particularly
do on some of the cruises that I book when I know I’m
going to be going by myself is I look for those deals
where I’m gonna be paying nothing or very low supplements. There’s no need to pay more. Of course, if you’re very clear that you wanna go on a
very specific sailing on a very specific ship
at a specific time, you are going to be ripped off, in my view, by the big surcharge. By being clever you can avoid that. Also, avoid the on-board shops. On-board shops are not going to
be the cheapest around. If you are coming on a
cruise and you see things perhaps in the shops that you want, do a search and check what
it’s going to cost you back home or even if you’re flying home
and going through duty free, on-board shops generally, in my experience are not
particularly good value, no matter what you’re buying. So actually be really, really cautious. And if you are looking to buy something, check even in the ports what
the price of those things are. If there’s something in
the shops that you see that you really, really
want, wait for the sales. Pretty much on every single
cruise towards the end there will be sales and special offers, particularly if the shops
aren’t hitting their targets. So don’t buy things at the
beginning of the cruise, wait until the special offer and sales on. If you’re unfortunately
feel ill or poorly and it’s not a massive big emergency, try and avoid going to the medical centre if you possibly can. Medical centre on board
ships are pretty expensive because it’s a service
that they’re providing. And also the drugs that they sell, if you’re prescribed anything,
are pretty expensive. What I would suggest you do
is try and go to one of the private walk-in centres on land. Most of these ports that
you’re going to call on are used to having lots and
lots of visitors and tourists and normally within easy
accessibility of the port you can probably easily find
a walk-in emergency centre that’s going to cost you much less money, and the prescriptions
going to cost you much less. Again, that’s really more if it’s not a massive big emergency, but you can spend a lot of
money using medical centre on board a cruise ship. Many cruise lines have
art auctions and sell art, and they sell a lot of art. However, it’s something to be extremely cautious about and avoid. First of all because
it’s an auction process and it’s also very likely
that you’re going to end up getting caught up in bidding too much. But generally speaking, all the stuff that I’ve read and looked at is the general view is that art sold on board ships is not great value, and you could easily overspend. And a lot of that is because
of that whole auction process where you can sometimes get out of kilter between what things are really worth and what you end up paying for them. So avoid art auctions,
wait until you’re home, do your research, buy art at home. The other area which I think
you can easily be ripped off and end up spending money
that you don’t need to spend is in the whole area of coffees,
tea, juices, and ice cream. All of those are available for nothing, included within your fare up in the lido, buffet, restaurant, informal dining, whatever it’s called. You normally will find that
you can get coffee, it’s often in machines with ground beans. and you can get specialty
teas to choose from. They’ll often have
juice machines up there, and they will normally have ice cream available, and in the dining rooms at meal times you’ll have ice cream. A lot of ships will have
specialty coffee shops, and they’ll have gelato shops, and will sell you
premium juices from the bars. There’s no need to do that. If you just head up to the buffet, you’re going to get all of those for free. So don’t spend money
and don’t be ripped off by paying for stuff that you’ve already paid for within your fare. The way to avoid being
ripped off on a cruise, is to look at every single thing that’s not included in your fare as a possible area to be ripped off in. Stuff that’s not included in your fare is seen by the cruise line
as revenue generation. They’re going to try and get
as much money as possible from the passengers on board the ship. So that’s the area where
you could end up spending too much and being ripped off. So look every single
time that you spend money on something that’s not
included in your fare, approach with caution, and
say can I avoid this? Can I reduce it? Or can I get around it? And often the answer is yes. If you’ve found all
these tips helpful I’d love it if you watched another one of my many cruising
tips and advice videos. So why don’t you watch another
one of those right now.

91 thoughts on “10 Biggest Cruise Rip Offs To Watch Out For

  1. Completely agree with everything you have said just hope other people that look at this video realise they are being ripped off on the cruises.

  2. Another great video. I agree with all of them. But I never went the single route, the wife would be a tad pissed. Good video as usual.

  3. Thanks for these awesome tips. I have an idea that maybe you wanna cover is how to order a cruise online and avoid all the rip offs upsells.
    You know that many websites tend to design the ordering process to make them as much money as possible. This means that they make the process more complicated to lure people in different upsells and things they regret afterwards. Could you cover that in a video please. Thanks again for these advice.

  4. 0:23 Rip Off 1
    1:41 Rip Off 2
    3:47 Rip Off 3
    4:48 Rip Off 4
    5:53 Rip Off 5
    6:55 Rip Off 6
    8:09 Rip Off 7
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    10:23 Rip Off 10

  5. I can confirm the spa prices, the basis massage on NCL Getaway — was 150.00 plus 20% gratuity. I said okay, I'll treat myself…NEVER AGAIN….it was not worth it.

  6. It would seem that to avoid rip-off #7 and compare prices on-board you would need to indulge in rip-off #1 and have on-board wi-fi.

  7. Great tip about the excursions! The hop on hop off bus is always the way to go. Also, I didn't realize how expensive it is to use wifi on board! So crazy! Thanks for another great video!

  8. My wife and I had not had a Formal Photo taken since our Wedding. We had a 20th Anniversary Cruise, so, we factored in the cost. It was cheaper than the local photographer.

  9. Great info! Re spa treatments: even if it's a port day, be sure to do whatever research you can to ensure you're not paying the same as you would on a sea day. E.g., get a quote on a sea day, then return on a port day and see if there's a difference. I was naive and went for a pedicure on a port day and got hit for the full rack rate, plus automatic 18% gratuity, plus a hard sell for a manicure on my lovely just-trimmed fingernails, plus many strong hints for an additional tip. And of course, a hard sell for a bunch of creams and lotions that couldn't be had elsewhere, without which my feet would be sure to fall right off. The attendant was nice, but clearly hyper-incentivized.

    Re Internet: some cruise lines are greedier than others. Pay close attention to an offering before you pull the trigger. If something's not explicitly included, it's excluded. That cheaper service level to let you connect to social media looks reasonable until you buy it (no refunds) and then find you're blocked from your email account (it's not in their list of social media sites). But they're glad to allow you to upgrade for a nominal fee -) That "free" onboard app that lets you text your friends/family on the ship? Yes, the app is free to download and install but to actually use it, you and all of your friends/family have to buy the onboard wifi AND pay the "nominal activation fee."

    Cruise lines are getting better about this but as Gary suggests, there are many still using deceptive bait & switch techniques. Don't be a sucker – pay attention.

  10. I am feel like a human ATM on cruises. Drink prices and excursions are sooo overpriced. It takes all of the fun out of cruising.

  11. I tried booking excursions for my Caribbean cruise a few years ago and I could not book hardly any. Because most of the excursions companies are contracted to the cruise ships on port days and you can not book independently !

  12. One more comment if I may: I usually buy a drink package, wifi service and often go to an upcharge restaurant or two. I know I'm sometimes paying stupid high prices but don't feel I'm being ripped off because I don't have to buy these things – I'm choosing to buy them, even knowing that I can get the same goods & services on land for less. I object to deceptive marketing, bait & switch, hidden fees, etc. but something I choose to buy with full disclosure doesn't qualify as a rip-off IMHO, even if it is stupid expensive. Maybe I'm being stupid but it's nobody's fault but mine.

    Oh, and here's another item to be aware of. Want a bottle of wine delivered with your room service dinner? You'll be stunned at what a normally $10-15 bottle will cost you, even before they add the room service charge and automatic gratuity. Ridiculous? Absolutely! Is it a rip-off? No, not if you know what you're buying and what you''re paying and choose to buy it anyway.

    I guess the point I'm trying to make is that price alone doesn't equal rip-off. Sneaky surprises and deliberately hidden gotchas are what one needs to be wary of

  13. Agreed 100%. Such a shame the operators see rip-offs of their captive audience as good business. It spoils the warm, friendly and polite atmosphere they try to encourage.

  14. I've generally been happy with the shore excursions I've taken but there has been one downside. After 3 cruises with 3 different lines (Carnival, Norwegian, Holland America), each time one of my shore excursions got cancelled a day or two before for various reasons. I was given an immediate refund but when it happens at the last minute it often becomes impractical to find another one to replace it. Does this happen frequently to other travelers too?

  15. I rarely book an excursion through the ship, I do my research and plan to be back at least 2 hours before the ship leaves. If the spa has an open house or free skin care class for example, go! You can often get a nice discount.

  16. Agree with most of these noting:

    Wifi: ships are finally starting to offer unlimited use for a flat price. I’m on the Nieuw Amsterdam in January and for $111 I get all the wifi I want, up to 3 devices. Still expensive but much more reasonable.

    Solo cabins: I priced these out on HAL and NCL and found them very expensive. In each case it was cheaper to just pay the solo supplement for an inside.

  17. I'll sure be glad when bald heads go out of fashion. Everybody and his brother seems to think the cue ball look is in. Not me though. Hell even if you only have hair on the sides let it grow out. Be proud of what you have.

  18. Just back from a Princess Cruise and they are "nickel and dime" their customers on pretty much all of theses points you have made Gary. They also run Bingo sessions that are a rip off as well, three times daily upwards of $40 per session with a jackpot starting at $1000 rising after each session for the first seven days then twice daily there after. This did not get won until the last session of the last full day of the cruise. By the time it was won the winner if they played every session would only win about half of the jackpot presuming they won, no guarantee, they played 24 numbers of a full house out of 75. Thats a rip off. It was a 15 day cruise. a gimmick they used was watch out for the Bingo Pirates they are coming to get your money , reserve the tables(ie bingo screens) as soon as possible, no pressure then. Needless to say they did not get my cash. all the best keep up the good work.

  19. I went on a cruise for the first time several months ago. My spouse and I were guilty of doing half of these. Wifi was a super rip off! Didn't get my monies worth on the drink package = rip off. I don't know whether or not we're going on another cruise, but if we do, lesson learned and we'll know better in the future. We at least did a better job keeping costs down during our Disney trip several years ago.

  20. I'm going to have to disagree with you regarding specialty coffee. The coffee at the buffet may be free, but it is awful. It tastes like sadness and disappointment, not like coffee. I will happily pay $3-4 for a cup of something drinkable that gives me pleasure, rather than try and choke down a nasty tasting cup of coffee-flavored acid water just so I can get some caffeine in my system.

  21. Great tips Gary! You can get WiFi on Princess for $60.00 for the duration of the cruise if you book on the first day or ahead of time. It works out to be about 10 bucks a day. Not too bad to be able to have internet access. The spa services are stupid expensive. I have found that in order to get a supposedly good deal on a port day you have to get a package of three services and you wind up paying way more than you ever thought you would. I actually signed up for the three fer and once I thought about it and realized what I was going to have to pay with 18 or 20 percent gratuity added, I decided to get a refund. It was a pain in the butt to get the refund but so worth it. Spa services are nice but on a ship they know you are a captive audience so buyer beware. My suggestion, when the cruise is over you sometimes get the cruise blues, this is a great time to treat yourself to a nice spa treatment when you get home. Yes excursions are expensive but be selective as to what you really want to see and do, as with the ship sanctioned tours the ship will wait if the tour is late getting back. That is peace of mind IMHO.

  22. We have 12 -14 oz bottles of water delivered for about $5 on Carnival. That's cheaper than at home. Course it's not the high end water but if is definitely better than the rap. All other tips are good. But cruising, just like a land vacation, you have to watch your $.

  23. I leave my computer at home and turn off my cellphone when taking a cruise. It is a holiday and being tethered to cyberspace is one thing to take a vacation to get away from! As far as coffee is concerned — being a coffee drinker I find the coffee served in the dining areas is inferior and I'm forced to pay for Americana coffee to get a decent caffeine hit.

  24. $15/professional photo is not a bad price. If you have ever had a sitting with a photographer, you would know. Taking a selfie or asking the foreign couple who wants nothing to do with you and your vacation to snap a shot of you will not result in a good quality photo.

  25. Thank you Bruce for another informative video. I am often a solo traveler and often pay the supplement. That is the only area I get "ripped off." Great tips. If you enjoy bottled water, it is often available on shore for a much better price. I am not a fan of the HoHo (hop on hop off) preferring to take public transportation to get to the sights much cheaper, but get their schedule to have an idea of where you might like to visit.

  26. I hope the cruise lines don't start banning you after this. Seriously, it shows you're not just a cruise line spokesman pretending to be an objective reporter. Thanks.

  27. On the cruises we have taken juices were only available in the lido buffet at breakfast. We would get several and store them in our cabin bar refrigerator for later in the day.

  28. One additional thing about WiFi. On Carnival you can buy WiFi in 24 hour increments. Say it's morning on a sea day and you don't plan on the day being too hectic and would like to check in back home. You can buy WiFi for the next 24 hours to use and it's so much cheaper than buying the package for the whole cruise. But the thing is….. Carnival doesn't tell you that you can do this until after you're onboard, so first-time cruisers often think they have to buy the whole package.

    Can't speak for any line other than Carnival but maybe ask some experienced cruisers if this is an option on the cruise line you want to sail.

  29. I've always thought each of the 10 spoken about were rip offs. The one that annoys me most intensely is the Art Auctions. I was recently on a cruise when the Art people needed the chair I was sat on and did everything but take it from under me. I held my ground – looked a bit silly being the only seat in the area but I made sure I fiddled with my iPad (offline) for the duration of the auction just to piss them off.

  30. WiFi on a cruise isn't really a rip off as internet access is usually made via Intelsat satellite connection and they charge you up to $9 per MB. So the cruise line just passes the charges over to the users.

  31. Please stop encouraging photos with iPads/Tablets, their phones are especially lousy for the most part (even latest iPad isn't nearly as good as iPhone cameras)

  32. Hello! I’ve been in over 50 cruises. I stopped buying photos after the 10th. Who wants a picture with the same formal dress? However, I always buy the embarkation photo, since it usually mentions the name of the ship and ports of call ( and it is usually free, depending on the cruise loyalty program).😃

  33. Great video Gary!! I am going on a few cruises next year and have been researching my face off. I plan on incorporating all your suggestions to keep my cruise affordable, especially since I am travelling solo for the first time. If I don’t I won’t be able to afford to go on more cruises. I think there are tons of things to do on the ship that don’t cost money. I do like to invest in a drinks package though and pay for everything ahead of time. I have also heard that even when the cruise lines have sales on merchandise towards the end of the cruise, the sale prices are still much more inflated than what you could buy the same item for on land.

  34. I am a regular cruiser from Sydney Australia. The Australian dollar has fallen a lot of late and be watching for a lot of cruise ships on board use the American dollar as their standard currency and gulp when you find there is a huge currency adjustment for your purchases the bargains you thought you were getting works out quite expensive.

  35. Best thing is use all complementary food, drinks, and activities. There’s quite a lot included so you’re unlikely to take advantage on a short cruise. A passenger can bring in 2 bottles of wine per cabin and additional non-alcoholic drinks. Get wine bottle with twist caps to avoid corking fees at main dining room. Buy the photo package if there’s a good deal. Royal Caribbean offers an unlimited photo package. Carnival doesn’t have one.

  36. To save money on the medical center bring your own antibiotics and anti diarrhea medicines and treat yourself . Also I did buy a nice art work on the cruise but I didn't buy it for its value but because I just love the picture. If you think this way then it's ok. Just don't expect to buy a Picasso or Rembrandt.

  37. The cruises is nothing…..just look at Disney world where people happily pay big prices for cheap trinkets. In the end, people are happy and enjoying their vacation and don't mind paying a little more for it. They don't have to watch their pennies like a scrounge all the time.

  38. I love cruising but, having lost my partner, the single supplement has prevented me from further trips. 😥 Thanks for the helpful advice.

  39. Auctions are a psychological manipulation. It is normal human emotion to want what others want and is hard to get. Ne er go to auctions unless there is an item you already know you want.

  40. I wish cruise lines would just charge an additional $25/person in the basic cruise fare, and make WiFi free for all on board. Problem: solved.

  41. Hello Gary and yet another very informative video you’ve done as if I were in that position I’d be quite conservative in my spending money wise such as I can do away with those fancy things in those gift shops as I’m not that way extravagant also the same occurs to art auctions as I never deal with those things anyway then I’d be most likely to be boat bound on port days as to avoid money costs and that rushing around by bus and on foot which means then I can take advantage of such bargains on offer of things on board and as for wifi and spa treatments I only indulge in them on a seldom basis and as I’m a single traveller like yourself then I’d have wise up on getting a decent deal as a solo cruiser plus I’d be happy to eat where the food and drink costs are included as I don’t need to indulge in fine dining ok so I’ve mentioned seven out of ten things as I’m going to watch this video again then jot down bullet points pen to paper so it jumps out at me as a crucial reminder and I’m aware that to prevent being ripped off is to don’t let yourself become euphoric amidst the pleasures of cruising and have that self restraint and dog sniff around for ways to avoid Hugh costs and bide your time for when the bargains come along so that’s it for now so until then Gary take care and cheerio

  42. Your very first point, WiFi. 10 days of lamentably slow (approx 2Gb/s measured) WiFi for about £150, Sept-Oct 2019 on Celebrity Silhouette. Regards.

  43. Will be on the Royal Princess Dec.9 -Dec 14 and we purchased the wifi package for $75.00 (5 day cruise). I thought it was alot of money but fortunately, it can connect up to 4 devices so mom, sister and I will split the cost @ $25 a piece.

  44. I would actually indulge in decent coffee. I don't mind paying for that but everything else you mention, I totally agree with.

  45. I let the photographers take pictures and then never pick them up.
    I drink the water on the ship. Never take the specialty meal option.

  46. First of all great reality comments listed below me…..glad it's nice to not have "cult cruisers" commenting but people who are sober for once. "Wi-Fi" – Why bother? Are you on vacation or NOT? If you ARE on vacation – GET DISCONNECTED FROM EVERYONE and EVERY FUCKING thing. That's what a vacation IS.

    i DON'T want ANYONE to contact me WHATSOEVER when I'm on vacation. Leave me alone dammit. If you have this need to stay "connected" then do this – STAY the fuck home and save yourself money.

  47. This idea of INCESSANT tipping to me is appalling. On vacation, I don't feel like being an ATM for everyone for EVERY little thing. I don't tip everyone when I'm on land…..on vacation…….sounds like guilt – blackmail to me or something. I've seen quite a few of these cruise videos and I don't think I'll be rushing to a cruise any time soon. Will I go on one eventually, yes…but definitely not soon. Not impressed so far….sorry.

  48. I just completed a 7 day cruise on the Pacific Dawn which is a P&O Australia cruise ship. Burgers could be purchased for $5. Hot dogs were $5 and Pizza was $9. All ice cream incurred a fee except in the MDR. The Flying Fox zipline was $39 for 3 very short rides. The lanyards could be purchased for $8.99 – $12.99. Photos were $25 for two but they had to be two of the same photos for this price. I am surprised that the rust and filthy windows did not incur a surcharge. Avoid this ship at all cost.

  49. 1. WiFi
    2. Excursions
    3. Spa
    4. Ship Photograph Gallery
    5. Bottled Water
    6. Single Supplement Charges
    7. On Board Shops
    8. On Board Medical Center
    9. Art Auction
    10. Coffee / Dessert Shops

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